Patient story: Mrs A Williams Knee Surgery

Having dislocated my left knee-cap I was referred to Spire Cheshire Hospital for an initial consultation with Mr Ashutosh Acharya, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

"Having had my operation the care I received was exceptional making my overnight stay very comfortable"
Mrs Williams, patient at Spire Cheshire Hospital

At the consultation I explained that this was a second time dislocation with the first instance occurring 11 years ago. Mr Acharya reviewed my X-rays, examined my knee and suggested an MRI scan to get a more detailed view of my leg.

I also began physiotherapy at Spire Cheshire Hospital at the recommendation of Mr Acharya to regain full movement as soon as possible. Having received the scan and results promptly I returned to see Mr Acharya for a second consultation where I was advised that my femur was shaped in a way that did not offer the knee-cap the support to hold it in place and that surgery was recommended.

I did have the option to do nothing and risk a repetition however with the memory of the most excruciating pain still fresh in my mind surgery was definitely the preferred option. Mr Acharya explained that there was two options for surgery, the first involved attaching a ligament to my knee-cap to give extra support and the second involved the ligament procedure in addition to moving a piece of the bone further down the leg and bolting in place.

Both options were thoroughly explained to me in non-medical terms and I was given 5 weeks to make my decision during which time I continued with weekly physiotherapy.
Having decided on the second option I was booked into the hospital for surgery.

On arrival I was very apprehensive but I was made to feel at ease and was shown to my private room where I could chose my meal options. Shortly after arrival I was visited by the anaesthetist and Mr Acharya who went through the procedure and explained that he would have a closer look inside the knee and perform the surgery he felt would be most beneficial despite having my approval for both options which made me feel more comfortable.

Having had my operation the care I received was exceptional making my overnight stay very comfortable and the food was delicious too. The next day a Sunday, Mr Acharya visited advised that the surgery went well and that the bone did not require moving so the recovery should be easier.

I also had physiotherapy to teach how to get around on crutches which meant I was able to go home in the evening despite being given the option of staying.

This was then followed by six months of weekly physiotherapy sessions with Matthew Gouldthorpe who I was fortunate enough to have as my physiotherapist both pre and post operation. Having weekly sessions with Matthew I was given a good variety of exercises which kept me motivated to keep pushing myself although Matthew always managed to achieve more movement at the sessions than I could when exercising at home. I cannot praise Matthew enough; he was patient, gentle and very professional.

My knee prior to the operation was very weak, occasionally I would feel the kneecap move slightly and I was always conscious of what I could do on it. Since the operation my knee is significantly stronger and much more stable giving me added confidence to do more on it, so much so I think my right knee would benefit from the same operation.

Mrs Williams, January 2013 

Mr Ashutosh Acharya, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Ashutosh Acharya, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon commented ‘Most of the time patella dislocation can be treated without an operation, however in the case of Mrs Williams, as she had already had a dislocation, a medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction was recommended as the best course of treatment.

Although surgery for patella stabilisation has been done for a long time, the technique and understanding of normal biomechanics has evolved a great deal in recent years. I have been fortunate to have worked with pioneers of this new technique and learnt from their team’

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