Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

For over two years I had been experiencing problems with my sinuses which gradually worsened over time. The first symptoms I can remember were getting a metallic taste in my mouth and I developed bad breath. At the time I was concerned about this as I hadn’t suffered from bad breath before but I saw my GP and my dentist and neither showed much concern or offered any explanation. I expressed concern again during future visits and the GP gave me some stomach tablets (which didn’t help and the dentist told me that it was normal to experience a bit of bad breath sometimes). I was brushing my teeth and tongue more regularly and was avoiding eating spicy food but it didn’t help.

Thanks Mr Reddy and to all the nurses who work exceptionally hard to ensure you are comfortable and have everything you need during your stay.
Mrs J - 2014

Months later my nose became blocked but I was unable to blow anything out of it. I was breathing through my mouth which started to become really dry, especially whilst exercising. I saw my GP who said I had allergic rhinitis and prescribed me with a nasal spray called Nasonex that I could use daily. This did seem to help a little but not much. I had a further two prescribed after this and continued using them. However things gradually worsened and several months later I was getting regular migraines, which became gradually worse until I was getting them almost daily. I didn’t know that these could be linked to my sinus problem and thought they must be hormone related.

Some months past, my headaches were still worsening and I noticed that I had lost my sense of taste when eating and I had mucus constantly dripping down my throat which was preventing me getting to sleep at night. I re-visited my GP to discuss what had been happening and she looked in my ears and suggested referral to an ENT Consultant. As I had health insurance I asked my GP to refer me to a Consultant at Spire Cheshire Hospital. (I had been there before with a different problem and I had been very impressed with the Consultants friendliness, knowledge, advice offered and treatment given). 

I then made an appointment with Mr Krishna Reddy, Consultant ENT Surgeon. When I met Mr Reddy he was very pleasant and good humoured which put me at ease straight away. He asked me what I knew about sinuses. As I didn’t know much he explained to me that I had four pairs of sinuses and pointed out where they were. He then asked me to explain my symptoms and give him a history of symptoms and when they first started.

Mr Reddy put a camera in my nose to investigate the problems I had described. He immediately explained that what he could see was infection, polyps and pus and he advised that this would be causing me the problems I had described. He asked me to go for a CT scan while I was there and come back and see him. The CT scan showed blocked sinuses and Mr Reddy pointed out that they were bulging with pus. He then explained that he would perform Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery under general anaesthetic to clear them out. This procedure was carried out within a few weeks and I immediately felt better. Within days I could breathe more clearly and felt much better generally. Mr Reddy came to see me after the operation and advised that during the procedure he had removed amalgam, food and polyps which would definitely have been causing me big problems. He even took some photographs for me and gave me copies.

I stayed in hospital overnight and felt a bit uncomfortable as my nose was bleeding and felt blocked after the procedure but the pain was mild. I was well looked after by the nurses and given adequate pain relief. I could eat normally and had a good appetite.

I attended a follow up appointment a few weeks later and Mr Reddy had to cauterise the top of one of my nasal passages that had stuck together. That was painful but I could breathe much clearer afterwards. Mr Reddy even got me some chocolate cake afterwards which was a lovely treat and I soon forgot about it.

It has now been about eight weeks since the procedure and I haven’t had a single headache. I feel so much better and can breathe normally through my nose again. No more headaches, no more sleepless nights, no bad breath and no more tasteless food.

I highly recommend anyone experiencing similar symptoms to mine to go and see Mr Reddy. I suffered for far too long and I wouldn’t hesitate to have the procedure again if I ever needed to. The results are amazing and make such a massive difference to your health and well- being.

Thanks Mr Reddy and to all the nurses who work exceptionally hard to ensure you are comfortable and have everything you need during your stay. 

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