Yag laser capsulotomy

Mrs T Brown has kindly agreed to share her experience of recently having a Yag laser capsulotomy at Spire Cheshire Hospital under the care of Mr Marsel Bregu, Consultant Ophthalmologist. 

"I was ‘over the moon’, I could drive again, read again and see better than I had done for months"

My eyesight started to deteriorate about 18 months after cataract surgery and my doctor and optician advised me to seek help as soon as possible.

I contacted Spire Cheshire Hospital for an appointment with Mr Marsel Bregu, Consultant Ophthalmologist, and an appointment was made for me within a week. I had been to Spire Cheshire Hospital before and felt comfortable and well cared for both times.

During my initial consultation with Mr Bregu he put me at ease and explained exactly what had happened and how he could correct it with a Yag laser capsulotomy.

I was so relieved as I had been so worried and I thought I would be forced to stop driving which would have seriously affected my quality of life.

The procedure was quick and painless and my vision started to clear after a couple of hours.

At my follow up appointment Mr Bregu said that he was very pleased with the results.

I was ‘over the moon’, I could drive again, read again and see better than I had done for months. I also have peace of mind that if I do experience any more problems I can come back to see Mr Bregu and this means a lot.

I would advise anybody having this procedure that they will have all the facts presented to them and they will have support from all members of the Spire Cheshire team. I would always recommend Spire Cheshire Hospital to others, I cannot praise them enough!

To make an appointment with Mr Bregu please call our appointments team on 01925 215 087

More information about Yag laser Capsulotomy

People who have had cataract surgery can develop clouding behind the lens in their eye, making it difficult to see. This condition is called posterior capsular opacification, PCO.

The lens of your eye is held in a thin clear lining called a capsule. During cataract surgery the natural lens is removed from the capsule and replaced with a clear plastic lens. Over time in some patients the capsule behind the lens can thicken.  This can stop light passing through to the light-sensitive membrane at the back of your eye, resulting in blurred vision.

YAG laser capsulotomy is a type of laser treatment that is used to make a hole in the capsule to allow light to pass through to the back of the eye and help you see better.

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