Isle of Man patient experience - Knee arthroscopy

The knee joint is particularly vulnerable to amage and pain because it takes the full weight of your body and any extra force when you run or jump. Unfortunately this means that when problems do occur with the knee, they can have a huge impact on everyday life.

One example of this is farmer and owner of the Pennybridge Riding School on the Isle of Man,
Mr Stephenson. Mr Stephenson’s physical job requires him to be fit and mobile and when his
persistent knee problems were interfering with his ability to run his business, he decided to take

He visited his GP who referred him for an appointment at Spire Cheshire Hospital with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Nikhil Pradhan. Mr Pradhan recommended a knee arthroscopy procedure which was arranged within a couple of weeks of his consultation.

Mr Stephenson says, “The service was exceptional, and in less than three hours I’d had my initial consultation with Mr Pradhan and all the diagnostic tests (X-ray and scan) required to diagnose my condition and recommended procedure. It was a very reassuring experience all round.”

He continues: “I returned a couple of weeks later for my operation. It was a day procedure, but because we rarely get time off, my wife and I decided to have a short break from our home on
the Isle of Man, and stayed a couple of nights at one of the two very, nearby hotels. The day of the
operation was a breeze. Every part of my treatment was carried out by friendly professionals."

"The service was exceptional and in less than three hours I'd had my initial consultation and all the diagnostic tests required to diagnose my condition"
Mr Stephenson, knee arthroscopy patient

The timing of his procedure couldn’t have been better as it meant that he was able to cope with the
physical effort of recovering his farm, which had been affected by the worst snowfall in 50 years, not long after his return.

Mr Stephenson was delighted with the result of his treatment and explains, “Once our farm was
operational again, I was even able to go up into the hills, where drifts reached 20 ft, to help other
farmers digging for sheep. Thanks to Mr Pradhan and his team, I was able to do it. My knee did not
complain once, which would not have been the case, if the snow had arrived before my operation
at Spire Cheshire Hospital.”

Mr Nikhil Pradhan, Orthopaedic Surgeon from Spire Cheshire Hospital commented, “When I
read Mr Stephenson’s referral letter from his GP, it was clear to me that he was really struggling
with his knee problem. As Mr Stephenson was travelling from the Isle of Man I arranged for his
investigations, which included an MRI scan, to all take place on the same day. That way I was able
to give Mr Stephenson a diagnosis and possible treatment plan before he took the evening flight
back the same day.”

“Once we had agreed to proceed with the knee arthroscopy (key hole surgery) as a day-case
procedure the team at Spire Cheshire efficiently made all the arrangements and Mr Stephenson
underwent a successful operation with an excellent recovery.”

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