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At Spire Cheshire Hospital we are committed to providing the highest quality of private hospital care to our patients from the North West of England and surrounding areas.

Reasons to choose Spire Cheshire Hospital

  1. You can choose your consultant and an appointment and treatment time that's convenient to you
  2. Appointments, tests and treatment available without delay
  3. At every appointment and throughout your treatment, you'll see your chosen consultant
  4. All consultants are on the specialist register of the General Medical Council
  5. Your consultant is in full charge of your care and has the support of our 24-hour resident doctor and highly experienced healthcare team
  6. If you are staying overnight, you'll have your own private room with en-suite shower
  7. Our hospital is clean and infection rates are low. You can view our latest hospital performance data on this website

Read what our patients say about their experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital below


Mr L's calcium score and CT angiogram

"I would recommend the diagnostic procedures provided at Spire Cheshire Hospital for anyone who has concerns about coronary artery disease."

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Cosmetic Surgery

Mrs I's Face Lift surgery

"Mr Iqbal was very professional and I left the hospital feeling better and much more confident about the decision I was making. I was not put under any pressure by Mr Iqbal and I felt he really had my interests at heart."

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Mrs F's Breast Augmentation surgery

"I chose Mr McGeorge as during my research on various local cosmetic surgeons I was very impressed with the level of qualification and experience he had in this field. I was particularly pleased to see that not only was he a fully accredited plastic surgeon but that he is also recognised internationally."

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Ear, nose and throat


Mrs J's surgery for nasal conjestion - Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

"For over two years I had been experiencing problems with my sinuses which gradually worsened over time. The first symptoms I can remember were getting a metallic taste in my mouth and I developed bad breath."

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Mrs W's surgery - Grommets fitted into ear drum

"My experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital was excellent and I would certainly recommend it to anybody that requires treatment."

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Capsule endoscopy - Pillcam

I have suffered with ongoing symptoms of IBS from 2005.  My General Practitioner could not offer a remedy for my ever increasing pain and discomfort.  I recently suffered from a severe bout of worsening symptoms and also noted that my bowels were very loose and it looked as though I was not absorbing fat . I felt that I now needed further investigation to rule out any other possible cause for my symptoms.

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Mr B - Treatment for neuroendocrine tumor

Twelve months on from the operation I feel better than I have done for the last twenty five years. Anyone else suffering with stomach problems I would certainly recommend that they see Dr Ramakrishnan because he is very through, very easy to talk to and a very caring professional consultant.

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Mrs S - treatment for suspected colitis

"Although I had a diagnosis suggestive of ulcerative colitis I was asymptomatic and so Dr Ramakrishnan advised me to wait to see if these changes related to other possibilities"

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Mrs N - Treatment for bowel cancer

I was treated at Spire Cheshire Hospital by Dr Subramaniam Ramakrishnan, Consultant Gastroenterologist. I was experiencing changes to my usual bowel habits, weight loss, lack of appetite and extreme tiredness and anaemia.
Unusually I think, I also had several episodes of high temperature and rigors which was found not to be related to infection.

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Mrs O's laparoscopic hysterectomy

Mrs O has kindly agreed to share her experience of having a laparoscopic hysterectomy at Spire Cheshire Hospital under the care of Mr Brett Winter-Roach, Consultant Gynaecologist. 
Her symptoms were affecting her everyday life and she was very anxious about going out to work or out socially. Mrs O would advise others to seek advice from their GP and not be afraid to ask questions about the cause of any gynaecological bleeding. 

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Mrs M's Hysterectomy

Mrs M was initially referred to Mr Hugh Griffith at Spire Cheshire Hospital by her GP as she had suffered with heavy periods with severe pain, sickness and migraines for several years. Her GP had tried to treat her symptoms but it came to a point whereby she couldn’t carry out her normal day to day life because of the problems she experienced - particularly with severe flooding.

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Mrs A T was referred to Miss Bim Williams, Consultant Gynaecologist by the private GP service at Spire Cheshire Hospital. All the necessary investigations were carried out quickly to ensure a quick diagnosis of her symptoms

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Ms K - Botox treatment for migraine

Following a total thyroidectomy in 1994, I developed chronic, crippling migraines. It was normal for me to have two, three-day, attacks each week with severe headaches on any migraine-free days. In March 2012, following a holiday totally ruined by constant migraine, I asked my GP to refer me to Dr Nick Silver, Consultant Neurologist at the Spire Cheshire Hospital. By that time, I was no longer able to exercise, work, or to perform as a musician. My whole life was dominated by migraines.

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Mrs T Brown - Yag laser capsulotomy

I was ‘over the moon’, I could drive again, read again and see better than I had done for months. I also have peace of mind that if I do experience any more problems I can come back to see Mr Bregu and this means a lot.

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Mrs B - Cataract surgery

Mrs B has kindly agreed to share her experience of recently having cataract surgery at Spire Cheshire Hospital under the care of Mr Marsel Bregu, Consultant Ophthalmologist.

Click here to read Mrs B story

Orthopaedic - Upper Limb

Mr W's Xiapex injection for Dupuytren's contracture

Mr W is a lovely gentleman who was referred to Mr Shah by his GP after he discovered that he was unable to grip with his hand and was having difficulty carrying out simple everyday tasks such as washing and dressing.

Click here to read about Mr W's experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital


Mr Ian Partington - Xiapex injection for Dupuytren's contracture 

For several years Mr Partington was aware that the ring finger on his left hand was gradually bending into the palm of his hand and he was unable to straighten his finger. His hand started to ache and he would uncontrollably poke his finger into his eye when washing.

Click here to read about Mr Partington's experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital

Orthopaedic - Lower limb

Mr Adam Garner ACL revision / meniscal allograft transplantation

Mr Attar initially undertook  a series of MRI scans and X-rays and then an arthroscopy of my knee and told me that there was very little left of my original ACL graft and that there was only 1/3rd of my medial meniscus remaining following the various surgeries. He advised that if I did nothing then I was likely to require a knee replacement within 2-3 years but that he could put this off by 10-15 years by undertaking an ACL revision and a meniscal allograft.

Click here to read about Mr Garner's experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital


Mr Kowalczyk iASSIST knee replacement

Mr Kowalczyk came to see Mr Nikhil Pradhan at Spire Cheshire Hospital . Mr Pradhan told him that he could have a new procedure called an iASSIST knee replacement which was less intrusive 
Click here to read more about this revolutionary new technology in Total Knee Replacement – iASSIST

Mr H's new Signature™ Knee replacement surgery

 "I would certainly recommend the 'Signature' total knee replacement. Mr Pradhan has given me a new lease of life"

Click here to read more about Mr H's story at Spire Cheshire Hospital 

Mr W's knee replacement surgery

Mr W is an ex-pro rugby player who's lifestyle was put on hold due to severe pain in his knee. Following a total knee replacement he is now pain free and enjoying his new lease of life.
"I cannot praise the hospital staff, my anaesthetist and Mr Pradhan highly enough for my care and well being"

Click here to read more about Mr W's experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital 

Mrs A Williams Knee Surgery

"Having dislocated my left knee-cap I was referred to Spire Cheshire Hospital for an initial consultation with Mr Ashutosh Acharya, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon."

Click here to read more about Mrs W's experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital 

Mr Ashby's new Signature™ Knee replacement surgery

John Ashby is a 63-year-old active man, who suffered sharp pain in his left knee during several of his walks last September, the enjoyment of his social activities was quickly replaced by severe discomfort that worsened to the point that he couldn’t walk without pain.

Click here to read about Mr Ashby's experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital


Mr J Codling - Hip re-surfacing operation

"The hip re-surfacing operation was a great success and I was really pleased with the outcome. I returned to hill walking after 13 weeks and in January 2014 I walked up Kilimanjaro. I was the oldest of five to succeed in a team of thirteen that attempted it."

Click here to read Mr Codling's experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital


Mr Burgess's Physiotherapy for back pain

"After a week my mobility had improved significantly and the pain had halved. I continued with the stretches and within two weeks my mobility was back to normal and my pain had subsided almost completely."

Click here to read Mr Burgess's physiotherapy experience

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