The KineSpring Procedure

The KineSpring System is implanted under the skin, alongside the knee joint. No bone, ligament or cartilage is removed. The implant and procedure are specifically designed to facilitate quick recovery while maintaining future treatment options. As the system is implanted outside the joint capsule it will be straightforward to remove if needed and leave other options such as high tibial osteotomy, unicompartmental knee replacement or total knee replacement open to the patient and their surgeon.

The implant and procedure are specifically designed to facilitate quick recovery while maintaining future treatment options

The KineSpring Procedure

The KineSpring System is carried out under general anaesthetic. The procedure requires two short incisions on the inside part of the leg, above and below the knee joint. The KineSpring System is inserted through these incisions and secured with bone screws to the femur and tibia (the major bones in your upper and lower leg). No bone, ligament, or cartilage is removed.

X-ray images are then taken to ensure that the KineSpring System is correctly positioned and functioning properly. Professor Mike McNicholas, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, performs this new procedure at Spire Cheshire Hospital and has found the early results to be positive: 

"My surgical experience of this exciting new treatment option for the relief of pain in patients with osteoarthritis mainly affecting the inside part of the knee has been very encouraging.

"My first patient had been in constant pain for many years made worse if he twisted his knee. Within six weeks of the operation his pain was greatly reduced and he was able to twist on his knee without having to fear the sharp stabbing pains that had meant he needed to always think about how he turned to move around for years. My other patients have shared this very satisfying result ready to be discharged home the following morning.

"I believe the KineSpring System potentially offers an exciting, minimally invasive joint preserving option for the treatment of patients that wish to continue impact activities as part of their active lifestyle. I am monitoring the outcomes for all my patients who choose this option for treatment carefully and I have recently been invited to participate in a study of this technique involving a number of centres in Europe."

More Information about the KineSpring® Knee Implant System

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Consultant: Professor Mike McNicholas

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