iASSIST™ Total Knee Replacement

Mr Nikhil Pradhan, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, has performed the first iASSIST total knee replacement in the UK at Spire Cheshire Hospital.

The iASSIST knee system allows surgeons to create a straight joint without using invasive methods

The iASSIST™ total knee replacement is an advanced surgical guidance system designed to improve the accuracy and alignment of total knee replacement surgery. This helps to assist the surgeon in precisely aligning knee implants to each patient’s unique anatomy, providing a personalised fit.

Traditional knee replacements may use instruments placed inside the thigh or shin bone to assist with alignment and positioning. The iASSIST knee system allows surgeons to create a straight joint without using these invasive methods.

The surgeon attaches a 2-3cm pod to a tiny 1cm spike at the bottom of the thigh bone. The pod contains a sensor that responds to movement, like the sensors in a smartphone which turn the text the right way up when you turn the phone on its side.

The pod transmits information via bluetooth wire-free technology which communicates to a computer - to help the surgeon pinpoint exactly where to position the new joint.

The surgeon then moves the patient’s knee through 12 positions and the computer calculates when the joint is in the correct place.

iASSIST knee system requires no complex imaging equipment or additional surgical incisions, it aims to deliver the best possible fit for patients undergoing total knee replacement.

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A patient's experience of the new iASSIST total knee replacement

“I first became aware that something was quite wrong with my knee probably 10 years ago; every time I knelt down for any reason I got the feeling I was kneeling on a drawing pin.

"Following Mr Pradhan’s initial examination he immediately sent me for an X-ray and 20 minutes later he was showing me my knee joint on his computer.

“Mr Pradhan told me that I could have a new procedure called an iASSIST total knee replacement which was less intrusive and explained all the details of the procedure to me. Mr Pradhan was fantastic, he arranged a surgery date for me and I felt relieved that finally I would have some relief from the pain I was experiencing.

“Within two weeks of my operation I didn’t need the crutches although I did have to take it easy! I have gained movement in my left knee that I haven’t experienced for years.

“I would definitely recommend Mr Pradhan and Spire Cheshire Hospital to anyone in a similar situation to myself. My advice would be don’t wait until the pain gets worse, make an appointment to see a specialist consultant like Mr Pradhan who can advise you on your treatment options and relieve your pain.”

Click here to read more about this revolutionary new technology in total knee replacement - iASSIST

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Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Nikhil Pradhan

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