Sun Awareness Week

April 2015

The British Association of Dermatologists’ annual Sun Awareness Week provides a timely reminder for the summer ahead. Running from the 4-10 May, Sun Awareness Week 2015 is focusing on early detection of the signs of skin cancer.

Not everyone’s skin offers the same level of protection in the sun. If you are pale skinned and burn easily you are at greater risk and need to take extra steps to protect your skin from sunburn and sun damage.

Dr Richard Warren, consultant dermatologist at Spire Cheshire Hospital, is supporting Sun Awareness Week and urges people to be sun aware and to tell your doctor about any changes to your moles or skin.

Dr Warren commented: "Summer is on its way - you can tell that as the first warm feeling of the sun on your face makes you feel better and you enjoy the heat. But there is another side to getting that perfect tan.

"It's very difficult to judge the amount of sun an individual can tolerate and its all too common to end up with a red, beetroot glow. Furthermore there are often long-term consequences to sunseeking behaviour: both acute sunburn and chronic sun exposure are linked to an increased risk of developing skin cancers, which are now reaching epidemic proportions in the UK.

"Not to mention the short term gain of a sun tan is lost through the middle and later years of life as the skin starts to prematurely age and wrinkle!

"There are three main types of skin cancer, melanoma being the most dangerous and difficult to diagnose. If you have a new mark or coloured blemish (particularly if it's brown) which is changing / evolving by either changing in size / shape or is itching or bleeding then its always best to get it checked out by your GP or skin specialist."

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