Would you like to improve your fitness and health?

With the improvement in the English weather many of us will be inspired to improve our fitness, take up walking, running, going to the gym, a new sport or even return to an old sport.

Here are some useful tips for those starting out to help reduce the chance of suffering an injury:

• Consult your GP or a health professional before embarking on a fitness regimen and advise your exercise provider if there are any changes in your health status or medication.

• Ensure the activity is appropriate for your current health and fitness. Increase activity gradually, for example a novice runner might walk a minute and then run for a minute, which they will slowly increase over a few weeks until they can run constantly for fifteen minutes.

• Whatever the activity, each time you exercise you must warm up. The level of warm up will depend on the activity and your current fitness. This may involve walking or gentle jogging, followed by gentle stretching

• After completing your main activity, it is important to cool down and stretch your muscles. Muscles are now warm and more elastic and this stretching is very important to prevent future injuries.

• Make sure you are familiar with any equipment you will be using and ensure it is in good working order

• Always wear clothing and footwear suitable for your given sport or regimen

• Ensure you have rest days for your body to recover.

• If you do experience an injury make sure you are fully fit and have identified and treated the cause before returning to sport again

However, there will still be people unfortunate enough to injure themselves

 At Spire Cheshire Hospital we have physiotherapists with a variety of skills, interests and sporting experiences, specifically trained to help you return to sport.

Our qualified physiotherapists can develop rehabilitation programmes tailored to your individual needs, whether you are new to sport, a weekend warrior, taking part in sport for fun or a competitive athlete. We offer one to one assessment and treatment, with advice on returning to activities safely. We also offer gym rehabilitation  with  specialist sports injury physiotherapists to help those starting out building fitness, possibly following injury or surgery or those returning to fitness after a sports injury

Physiotherapy at Spire Cheshire Hospital is open to all and with no need for a GP referral access is simple, just call 01925 215027 or email info@spirecheshire.com

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If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Physiotherapy department on 01925 215 027

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