Breast Awareness tips from Cheshire Breast Surgeon

November 2011

Mr Graham Copeland, Consultant General Surgeon advises: “In the first instance, it is important to look out for any unusual changes and if any occur get them checked by your GP. However, if you do find a lump, don’t panic - in nine out of ten cases they are not cancerous. Any woman could be affected by breast disease, no matter what their age, Being breast aware is the first step to protecting yourself from this cancer.”

Follow the Five-Point Breast Awareness Code:

  • Know what is normal for you 
  • Check both the look and feel of your breasts 
  • Know what changes to look for and feel 
  • Report any changes to your GP without delay 
  • Attend for routine breast screening if you are over 50

Look for:

  • Change in size of your breast 
  • Changes in the shape of your breasts, eg flattening or swelling 
  • Dimpling of the skin (skin looks like the texture of orange peel) 
  • Change in the position of the nipple, eg newly inverted (turned-in) nipple 
  • Any discharge from the nipple (unless you are breast feeding and it’s milky discharge) 
  • A rash or crusting on the nipple or surrounding area 
  • Swelling or a lump in the breast or armpit 
  • Veins which stand out more than usual 
  • Any changes in sensation, especially if in one breast only 
  • Constant pain in part of the breast or armpit

Report anything that looks or feels different to your GP or nurse as soon as possible
The private one-stop breast screening service at Spire Cheshire Hospital is open to women of all ages. 

Please call 01925 215 029 for further information or to book an appointment. 

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