New services at Spire Cheshire Hospital

If you need specialist care, there really is no better place to come than Spire Cheshire Hospital, where you can be assured that the treatment you receive is second to none.

We are continually updating the services we offer to keep in line with the up-to-date techniques being used, so that our patients can be assured they are receiving the best possible treatments.

PillCam - Capsule endoscopy


Spire Cheshire Hospital now offers an innovative, pain-free investigation called PillCam (capsule endoscopy)

This procedure uses an electronic, pill-sized photographic capsule that takes pictures of the small bowel  which cannot normally be viewed or examined without surgery. It is beneficial to patients who display obscure bleeding that persists or recurs, as well as for detection of Crohn’s and Coeliac disease.

Click here for more information on PillCam 

Sleep studies clinic

Is snoring causing you or your partner sleepless nights?
Do you or your partner suffer from disrupted sleep?
Do you suffer from excessive tiredness in the day after a bad night’s sleep?

Rest assured we can help you - don’t lose another night’s sleep.

Click here to find out more information on our sleep studies clinic


UroLift®- treatment for enlarged prostates

Spire Cheshire Hospital, is now able to offer patients an innovative new treatment for enlarged prostates.The prostatic urethral lift (PUL) procedure using the UroLift® device is now available at Spire Cheshire with Mr Azi Samsudin, Consultant Urologist

Click here to find out more information on the UroLift® treatment at Spire Cheshire Hospital




Latest osteoarthritis procedure at Spire Cheshire private hospital

The KineSpring® Knee Implant System

Spire Cheshire Hospital is pleased to add the KineSpring® Knee Implant System to its range of orthopaedic treatments. Performed by Professor Mike McNicholas this new minimally invasive treatment offers pain relief for patients with osteoarthritis. Click here to find out more about The KineSpring® Knee Implant System.

PTNS Cheshire

Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation at Spire Cheshire

PTNS is a new treatment for urinary frequency and urgency, most commonly caused by an overactive bladder, is now available at Spire Cheshire Hospital with Mr Lee Robinson Consultant Urologist. Read more about PTNS at Spire Cheshire Hospital.


Kidney Stones Treatment (Lithotripsy)

Lithotripsy is a procedure that uses high-energy sound waves to break down kidney stones into tiny fragments, which can then be flushed out of the body in the urine.

Click here to read more about Lithotripsy treatment


Dupuytren's Clinic

Dupuytren's disease is a very common condition and usually affects the hand. The ring finger is most commonly affected followed by the small, middle, thumb and index finger.

Click here to read more about the Dupuytren's Clinic at Spire Cheshire Hospital


CT Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring

Spire Cheshire Hospital can now help you identify your risk of coronary heart disease with the introduction of a new service, CT Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring.

Click here to read more about CT Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring


One stop cardiac assessment clinic

For patients with acute chest pain, Spire Cheshire can now offer prompt access to a one stop cardiac assessment clinic led by Consultant Cardiologist - Dr Balazs Ruzsics.

Click here to read more about the one stop cardic assessment clinic

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) 

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a modern, highly effective treatment for certain types of pre-cancerous lesions as well as non-melanoma skin cancers

Click here to read more information about Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

One Stop Carpal Tunnel Clinic

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a fairly common condition that occurs when there is too much pressure on a nerve in the wrist.

Click here to read more about the one stop carpal tunnel clinic

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment - PRP

PRP is currently being used as an alternative treatment method for orthopaedic conditions which have traditionally required surgery or other extensive treatments.

Click here to read more about Platelet Rich Plasma treatment


Womens Health

Rapid access breast clinic

Spire Cheshire Hospital provides a service, which has been specially tailored, for the treatment and care of women needing diagnosis of breast problems. All the consultants are acknowledged experts in the management of breast disease and are supported by a team of specialists across a range of services, from diagnosis through to treatment and advice.

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Women's health physiotherapy

Our women’s health physiotherapist Debbie Bernstein specialises in the treatment of urogynaecological conditions and pelvic floor dysfunctions including prolapses and urinary incontinence.

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North West Stone Centre

Spire Cheshire Hospital is one of the few private healthcare providers in the North West to offer a full range of treatment options for kidney stones. The treatment you receive will depend on your particular stone - its size, composition and location.

Click here to read more about the North West Stone Centre for kidney stones

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Treatment at Spire Cheshire hospital is available to everyone – whether you choose to use private medical insurance or pay for your procedure yourself.

Our patient information below gives information about accessing our hospital, what to expect during your stay and how to prepare for your treatment.

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