Cardiology services at Spire Cheshire

Spire Cheshire Hospital offers a comprehensive service for the investigation and treatment of heart conditions.

Our consultant cardiologists specialise in:
Cardiac rhythm management
Congenital heart disease
Coronary investigation
Heart failure
General cardiology

Quality, individual care

When you visit Spire Cheshire, any cardiac tests will be carried out in a calm, professional, safe and clean hospital setting. Our experienced staff will ensure that your visit with us is as comfortable and relaxed as possible and they'll be on hand to answer any questions you may have, or simply to provide you with some reassurance.

Fast results

Because any potential problem with your heart are worrying, we understand that you'll want to have your results as soon as you possibly can. Once you have had your investigations, the results will be analysed and passed to your consultant.

Your consultant will then either send a full comprehensive report to your GP or arrange a further appointment with you to discuss the results, so that appropriate treatment can be planned, if necessary.

We offer a range of non-invasive cardiology investigations to give you peace of mind and assess the health of your heart. Our investigations include:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) - Measures both the rate and the electrical conduction of the heart.
  • ECG monitors - Measures the heart's electrical activity and rhythm to track changes in activity over a period of time.
  • Blood pressure monitors - Records the change in blood pressure with activity by measuring your blood pressure at intervals over a period of time.
  • Exercise treadmill test - (ETT) - Assesses the blood supply to the muscle of the heart via the coronary arteries, or assesses the heart's response to exercise.
  • Echocardiogram - Provides a specialised ultrasound scan of the heart to give a range of information including the size, function and pressures of the heart, as well as information regarding the heart valves
  • CT Angiogram - Is a specialised test of the coronary arteries under CT.
  • CT coronary artery calcium scoring -  This is a CT scan of the heart designed to look for calcium in your coronary arteries

    Your consultant or GP may suggest one or more of these investigations, so that he/she an plan an appropriate programme of treatment

Expert care for everyone
You don't need to have private medical insurance to see a cardiologist at Spire Cheshire. However, if you have insurance, you should contact your insurer prior to your appointment to ensure you're covered for the investigation you need - you'll also need to bring your insurance details with you.

Cardiac CT Imaging

Spire Cheshire offers a CT Coronary Artery Calcium Screening* Service. This is a CT Scan of the heart which is designed to look for calcium. If calcium is detected then a score will be calculated which helps identify your risk of a future cardiac event. If no calcium is detected your risk of having a heart attack is generally lower than if you have calcium present.

For prices or for more information on the CT Coronary Artery Calcium Screening Service please call our CT Department on 01925 215083

*Recommended by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence)

One stop cardiac assessment clinic

Spire Cheshire Hospital also offers prompt access to a one-stop cardiac assessment clinic for patients that have been referred by their GP with acute chest pain. Following a consultation, which will include taking a detailed history and relevant tests with a leading cardiologist, patients may be referred for a CT calcium score and if appropriate a CT angiography.

For more information or to make an appointment please call 01925 215029

Cheshire cardiology care

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with consultant cardiologists from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.

This will provide you with high quality cardiac investigations and treatments. Expert cardiologists from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital will provide out-patient consultations, investigation and diagnostic treatments at Spire Cheshire Hospital. If you require surgical intervention you will follow a seamless care pathway at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital under the same consultant.

For more information or to make an appointment please call 01925 215029

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