Cheshire Orthopaedic Centre

provided by Spire Cheshire Hospital, Warrington, Cheshire

Prompt and expert care to get you moving again

At the Cheshire Orthopaedic Centre our aim is to provide the highest quality specialist care in a clean and comfortable environment. We’ll make sure you’re looked after by the same expert consultant from your first appointment, throughout all your treatment and follow-up care providing you the best opportunity for a prompt recovery.

What we treat

We provide surgery, pain relief injections and other treatments for:

  • back and neck pain
  • bone and soft tissue injuries
  • foot and ankle problems
  • hand and wrist complaints
  • hip and knee problems
  • shoulder and elbow problems

We provide a fast and flexible private service offering you day time, evening or weekend appointments for consultations, diagnostic tests and treatment. This means you can usually be seen within a few days of your enquiry at a convenient time.

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