TIA & Stroke Prevention Service

At Spire Cardiff Hospital we understand that any type of illness can be a worry. However, we aim to provide patients with access to leading specialists who can provide patients with a timely diagnosis. The aim of the TIA and stroke clinic is to provide patients with access to a leading stoke specialist with prompt access to MRI, ultrasound and blood tests.

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A Transient ischaemic attack is often called a ‘mini stroke’ or a TIA. The symptoms are very similar to those of a full blown stroke but they only last for up to 24 hours. However, a TIA is still a sign that the brain is not receiving enough blood and there is a risk of a more serious stroke in the future.

A TIA should never be ignored and may be an indicator that an individual will go on and have a full stroke in the future. Therefore effective management of the TIA may reduce the risk of this happening.

Symptoms of a TIA or stroke can be:

  • Left or right sided weakness
  • Difficulty with speaking
  • Mixing up words when talking
  • Facial drop
  • Balance issues
  • Visual disturbance

Stroke may present as a complex combination of a number of these symptoms – please consultant you GP if you have any concerns regarding these.

At Spire Cardiff Hospital Dr Shakeel Ahmad (consultant physician, stroke specialist) leads a multi- disciplinary team approach to managing your care.  A team comprising of a consultant physician, consultant radiologist, consultant surgeon and outpatient nurses are available to ensure you have access to the specialist care that you may require. We provide MRI/MRA imaging of the brain and all the major arteries in the head & neck which is the gold standard investigation for TIA/Strokes.

How do I make my clinic appointment?

We offer patients access to weekly TIA and stroke clinics all appointments can be made through our friendly out-patient booking team on 029 2073 6011


Please note you should not drive for at least 28 days after a TIA or stroke and must check with your GP or consultant before you commence driving again.

Early diagnosis and treatment

At Spire Cardiff Hospital we understand the importance of early treatment of transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs), to reduce your chances of having a stroke.

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