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Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) Clinic

  • At Spire Cardiff Hospital we understand that suffering with erectile dysfunction (impotence) can be distressing. However, we have the skills and expertise to be sensitive to patient privacy and treat you as an individual.

    Recent research has enabled us to adopt a unique multi-disciplinary approach to erectile dysfunction. Whilst once thought to have predominately psychological causes, new evidence suggest that physiological causes play a major role, in particular poor blood flow to the penis.  There is growing evidence to suggest that erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign for vascular disease, which without treatment may lead to heart attacks and stroke. It is therefore import that patients do not ignore the symptoms of this problem but seek help from the experts.

    Risk factors for erectile dysfunction (impotence)

    There may be many or singular risk factors and can include the following:

    • Smoking
    • Diabetes
    • Age – over 40 years
    • Existing vascular disease
    • Some types of medication- including most treatment for blood pressure
    • Obesity
    • High Cholesterol


    To establish whether you erectile dysfunction may be related to risk factors associated with vascular disease our consultant will undertake a full medical history. You may also require the following tests depending on your clinical history.

    In patients where unresponsive to standard therapies then you and your consultant may also consider undertaking the following additional diagnostic tests.

    Your consultant will discuss this with you during your consultation and you can decide which course of diagnostic tests and treatment that is right for you.


    Our erectile dysfunction (impotence) clinic is lead by Professor Nick Gerning, Consultant Cardiologist, who has a specialist interest in erectile dysfunction and its relationship with vascular disease. However, to ensure you have access to the best care we adapt a multidisciplinary approach and as such, Dr Gerning is supported by his colleagues, from supporting specialities. When necessary you may be referred to one or more of these clinicians. Dr Gerning is also active in research and at the forefront of new treatments and interventions for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

    Our multi-disciplinary team

    For more information or to arrange an appointment with Professor Gerning, Consultant Cardiologist, in our dedicated Heart Centre call 029 2073 5515.

Don't die of embarrassment

We understand ED can be distressing, Spire Cardiff Hospital is here to help. For more information or to arrange an appointment call 029 2073 5515.

Professor Nick Gerning - Consultant Cardiologist.  

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