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Dr Peter O'Callaghan MB, FRCP, FRCPI, FACC, CCDS

  • Special clinical interests
    •  Investigation of patients with palpitations, bradycardias, tachycardias, blackouts, syncope
    • Cardiac arrest survivors
    • Assessment of individual sudden cardiac death risk and families with inherited arrhymia disorders
    • Management of all arrhythmia disorders including WPW syndrome and atrial fibrillation
    • Cardioversion of atrial fibrillation
    • Ablation and cure of tachycardias (AVNRT, accessory pathways, WPW syndrome, atrial flutter
    • Device implantation including pacemakers, Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs),
    • Implantable loop recorders (Reveal devices)
    • Workup and management of medically refractory heart failure patients including
    • Implantation of biventricular pacemakers
    Research interests
    Surgical techniques to cure atrial fibrillation
    Outcome measures of RF ablation
    Effects of NICE ICD guidelines on clinical practice
    Current NHS and /or university posts
    Consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
    Year of first medical qualification
    Current membership(s) of professional, national and regional bodies
    Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (FRCPI)
    Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians London (FRCP)
    Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC)
    Heart Rhythm UK member
    Heart Rhythm Society member
    International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners 2009-2019
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    029 2073 6011

    More about Dr Peter O'Callaghan 

    Dr O'Callaghan is the lead clinician for heart rhythm and pacing services at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, providing tertiary referral services for South East Wales, a referral population of 1.3 million. Prior to his consultant appointment in 2001 he trained at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, and St George's Hospital, London, having entered the speciality of electrophysiology in 1994.

    Dr O'Callaghan's main interests lie in curing ablatable tachycardias and implantation of devices to prevent blackouts or sudden death (pacemakers and defibrillators) or to treat heart failure (biventricular pacmakers).

    At Spire Cardiff Hospital Dr O'Callaghan provides a comprehensive electrophysiology service including the investigation and management of patients with palpitations, blackouts and cardiac arrest survivors or their family members; management of atrial fibrilation, Wolff Parkinson White Syndome, SVTs; ablation of tachycardias and implantation of pacemakers, defibrillators and biventricular pacing systems.

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 Dr Peter O'Callaghan
Consultant Cardiologist

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