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Diagnostic tests

  • At the South Wales Heart Centre we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality specialist care - from your very first contact with us through to the completion of your treatment and aftercare.

    We provide superior service and clinical standards in all areas of cardiology, offering a wide range of investigations and treatment options for a variety of conditions. 

    Diagnostic tests we offer:

    • Electrocardiogram (ECG) - Measures the rate and the electrical conduction of the heart.
    • ECG Monitors (GP Direct Access Service) - Measures the heart’s electrical activity and rhythm to track changes over a period of time.
    • Blood Pressure Monitors (GP Direct Access Service) - This records the changes in blood pressure by measuring it over a period of time.
    • Exercise ECG Test - This assesses the blood supply to the muscle of the heart via the coronary arteries or assesses the heart’s response to exercise.
    • Event Recorder - If you suffer from only occasional symptoms, this monitor is provided for longer periods of time in order to capture information regarding the event.
    • Pacemaker Checks - Ensure all pacemaker settings are optimised to maximise battery life and improve quality of life.
    • Echocardiogram (GP Direct Access Service) - Provides specialised ultrasound scan of the heart to give a range of information including size and function. Also gives information regarding the heart valves.
    • Transoesophageal Echocardiogram (TOE) - Takes pictures of the functions of the heart via a thin probe inserted into the oesophagus through the mouth.
    • Cardiac CT - A CT scanner is used to take pictures of the heart. It is used to obtain images of the beating heart and look at it’s structure and function.
    • Cardiac MRI - An MRI scanner is used to take both still and moving pictures of the heart. It gives information on structure and function.
    • Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram - Often performed on patients who cannot perform a treadmill exercise test. Dobutamine mimics the effect of exercise on the heart and is administered whilst an echocardiogram is being performed.
    • Saline Contrast Echocardiogram - A standard echocardiogram can be performed using “contrast” to make the images clearer.  The “contrast” is usually a sterile salt water solution that is shaken to form micro bubbles.  This can help the consultant to identify any possible heart defects.


    Click here to review a list of our consultants that undertake these diagnostic tests within our Heart Centre.  


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