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Many of our patients say they've had a very positive experience at our Spire Cardiff Hospital, including the care they have received from our nursing staff, reassurance and assistance from our hostesses and administration staff along with the skill and experience of our consultants. 

Following feedback from patients we have improved our menu choices and we now offer free Wi-Fi to all patients and visitors at our facility. Our patient feedback cards are available in all our patient rooms and below are just some of the comments we have received during the past few years.

Outstanding Endoscopy Facilities and ‘Top Rate’ Clinical Care

Three years ago my life changed. Having returned from holiday I was sent a routine colorectal screening pack for bowel bancer, which I completed as instructed. However, there was an anomaly on the test result and I was asked to repeat it. Unfortunately, this lead to me being diagnosed with colorectal cancer and following a successful operation and chemotherapy has resulted in me being in remission for two and a half years.

In this time I have required regular colonoscopies to ensure that the cancer has not returned. I have always been very grateful for this service in the hope that every colonoscopy will be clear. As a result of this frequency I have required colonoscopies in a number of both private and NHS hospitals. However, this year I moved to Cardiff under the care of Mr Michael Davies, colorectal surgeon at University Hospital of Wales and Spire Cardiff Hospital. Despite the fact that I have now been undergoing these colonoscopies for a number of years, Mr Davies took the time to explain everything. I actually thought I knew everything there was to know but I learnt so much from our discussions. He was brilliant and the fact he’s so personable made everything easier.

Colonoscopies themselves are never a nice procedure however, having experienced so many, I think I’m probably in the best position to critique any service. From the moment I arrived at Spire Cardiff Hospital the service was exemplary. My surgeon was informative and the staff in the endoscopy unit were exceptional, from the nursing team through to the consultant. They all had their responsibilities and everyone knew what was expected from them. As a patient this gave me a huge amount of confidence in the clinical care. I was delighted that within two hours the procedure had been completed and I was on my way home.

I often don’t notice the equipment in one of these facilities however at Spire Cardiff Hospital it’s hard not to, everything is ‘state of the art’. Would I recommend the service – absolutely, although no one would ever want to be in the position that they require an colonoscopy, it makes a huge difference if you choose somewhere that delivers exceptional clinical and customer service - that’s what I received at Spire Cardiff Hospital.

Mr Roy Davis - June 2014

Sean - Cosmetic Surgery

I’ve had an amazing experience from start to finish. The nursing staff were friendly, welcoming and informative, which put me at ease. Mr Karoo provided me with exceptional patient care and gave me exactly the results I was looking for from my rhinoplasty procedure. Couldn’t  be happier!

Sean , November 2014

I'm so glad I chose my surgeon wisely.

I recently underwent surgery for a hip replacement.

As an 81 year old patient perhaps it was natural for me to feel somewhat concerned and apprehensive as I had an unfortunate experience after an operation some years previously.

However, as soon as I consulted Mr Maheson, his calm assurance and professionalism instilled in me a confidence and determination to go ahead with the operation which I had (maybe cowardly) avoided for some time.

My trust in Mr Maheson was completely justified.  The operation was a great success and the after-care exemplary.  My mobility within days was incredibly good - and the pain gone!

 E.L. from Vale of Glamorgan January 2015 

Emma - Breast Reduction cosmetic surgery experience 

Mr Hiew is a fantastic surgeon and I am extremely happy with the amazing reduction he has performed on me. He is very caring man and explained everything thoroughly with all the options available. This helped very much and confirmed he was the surgeon for me.

Following my surgery the care was fantastic at Spire Cardiff and I was discharged home pain free and confident I was going to make a speedy recovery.

The information given on discharge was extremely was extremely helpful and I was very reassured that there was someone there if needed at any time.

I would highly recommend both Mr Hiew and Spire Cardiff Hospital to anyone.

I now feel amazing

Thank you!

- Emma.  from Cardiff March 2015

Cosmetic Surgery with Mr Dean Boyce

Before having my breast enlargement surgery I researched many different surgeons looking at their work and experience as I wanted to be confident that my surgeon would create the look I wanted. I chose to have my surgery with Mr Boyce as I was impressed with his experience and results with other patients, what a great choice that was.

The care and treatment I received was of the highest quality from both Mr Boyce and his team. I met with Mr Boyce twice before my surgery where a lot of time was spent discussing in detail the results I desired and what options would be right for me. All my questions were answered and Mr Boyce’s laid back, relaxed approach quickly made my worries disappear and I was soon feeling very excited for the surgery.

The morning of my surgery I was naturally feeling a little anxious however, after meeting with Mr Boyce again he made me feel relaxed and reassured.

The aftercare following surgery was fantastic. Mr Boyce came to visit me once following surgery and again the following morning before I was discharged.

Once I was home I received two phone calls from Mr Boyce checking on my progress and to answer any questions. He also provided me with a personal contact number and email address so that I could contact him at any time if needed.

I then had two post op meetings with Mr Boyce where again all questions were answered. I felt very supported throughout the whole experience and was comforted knowing even after the surgery my surgeon was still very much available to support my recovery. I am so so happy with my results; they are everything I hoped for. The experience was made enjoyable by the support, care and dedication provided by Mr Boyce and his team at Spire. I would highly recommend selecting Mr Boyce as your surgeon for breast enlargement procedures.

Sophie - Cardiff November 2014

Hip Replacement

I underwent an anterior right hip replacement at Spire Hospital Cardiff on 11th March 2015.  I had been recommended to Mr Maheson by a physiotherapist at DTR Clinic who said he was 'the best in the business' for hip replacement and that he also favoured the less invasive anterior approach.

I'm a fairly fit 69 year old and do a lot of Nordic walking.  I work as a volunteer Nordic walking instructor for Age Cymru, showing individuals how they too can keep fit and active using this technique of walking.  Once individuals have mastered the technique, I take groups out walking.

I was giving courses and taking out groups until mid-November 2014 when my hip started giving me more pain and discomfort.  My osteoarthritis had deteriorated very badly and quickly.  By early December I had begun to limp slightly and it got steadily worse so that by early February I had a marked limp, was experiencing a great deal of pain and discomfort and just doing a small shop was a terrible ordeal.

My friends and family were amazed at how quickly I became mobile following surgery.  On the afternoon of my operation I was walking using a Zimmer frame and on the following day was walking with double crutches up and down stairs.  I was discharged that same day and that night walked up two flights of stairs to my attic bedroom! 

Recovery afterwards has been good.  My wound has healed well and physiotherapy sessions with simple well explained exercises have helped me gain more mobility.  After one week I was using just one crutch in the house, but two if out and about.  I saw Mr Maheson 4 weeks postoperatively and he was very pleased with my recovery and progress.  Shortly afterwards I discarded both crutches.  Although he said I was able to start driving in week 4, I didn't feel I had sufficient control in my bad leg, however by 5.5 weeks I did feel confident enough and started driving again.

My physiotherapist also advised me to start walking with my Nordic walking poles, even on rough terrain and again I started doing short walks at 5.5 weeks without any problem and joined my weekly Nordic walking group again.  It was wonderful to get back my mobility and I hope to get as fit as I was prior to my hip problem. 

I'm extremely pleased with how things have gone and was very impressed with the care I received at Spire.  I would highly recommend Mr Maheson and should I need my other hip replacing, would contact him immediately 

Liz Reynolds - Cardiff April 2015

Retired Col Howard-Gash, Knee replacement  

Nine years on and still in good shape

 A knee replacement at the age of 49 years has meant Col (retired) Richard Howard –Gash has been able to continue with his diverse and dynamic career in the Military.

After a visit to the Army medical officer in 1998 Col Richard Howard-Gash knew his army career was about to change. Previously part of the elite Parachute Regiment Col Howard-Gash was not adverse to hard work and exercise. At times in his career he had covered around 150 miles per week running in Army boots and carrying 25 Kg of weight. However, there came a point where his knee pain was now significantly affecting his quality of life and even walking became difficult.

Despite this it still took Col Howard-Gash another six years before he underwent an exploratory operation at Spire Cardiff Hospital (then part of BUPA), to establish the cause of his pain. Mr Rhidian Morgan-Jones explains; “ we knew that the knee pain, Richard was experiencing was due to arthritis caused by a phenomenal amount of ’wear and tear’ over an amazing career. However, the question was whether any disease influencing surgery, such as realigning the limb or regenerating the cartilage within the knee would be possible. Unfortunately the arthritis was so advanced that only a knee replacement would give significant and lasting pain relief while maintaining function”.

Speaking to Col Howard-Gash he says “at the time of having to consider whether to have the procedure I knew chronologically I was rather young. However, the ‘wear and tear’ my joints had been under, due to my job, was a significant reason for requiring surgery. Prior to having my knee replaced I couldn’t walk very far and it was generally making life for my wife and myself rather miserable as I couldn’t undertake the activities I had previously enjoyed and even  those things which I didn’t, such as shopping with my wife”.  Mr Morgan Jones of the Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence says “where possible we try not to replace a knee joint unless it is absolutely necessary however in Richard’s case having considered all the options and giving great respect to his young age, I felt that knee replacement was the correct decision. Not all knee replacements are the same however, and I chose an implant specific to the demands and expectations that I knew Richard would, quite rightly, place on it”. 

Col Howard-Gash says “Though the operation went well, I was surprised at the extent and pain involved in post operative recovery. Whilst everyone, including my surgeon, told me the recovery would be a long one, I don’t think I fully accepted the impact this would have”. However, Col Howard-Gash was determined to continue with his career and following his operation he served with the Foreign Office in Sudan and Afghanistan as well as working in Iraq.  Whilst any form of running has also been ‘retired’, Col Howard-Gash still keeps fit. “My surgeon recommended that all forms of impact sport would be detrimental, so running was not going to be good for my knee. Instead I try and keep myself fit with non–weight bearing activities such as using a cross trainer, a rowing machine and swimming. More importantly, I can continue horse riding without the pain that I used to endure”

Mr Morgan-Jones goes on to say “I understand that knee replacement in young active adults remains controversial amongst many surgeons who say the patient is ‘too young’, but when it’s the right option, and it’s performed without complication, knee replacement can be life transforming”.

Richard Howard-Gash, Powys

Hip replacement

Mr Maheson provides an excellent service, making the process of hip replacement as smooth and stress-free as possible. He explains details of operatioin and X-rays in a most pleasant, courteous and unhurried manner. One feels entirely confident in his care and grateful that he is one's surgeon - result a good new hip for years to come.

D.P from Cardiff May 2015

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