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Cosmetic Surgery


Breast Enlargement

Ashley, aged 25, from Southampton, wanted a breast enlargement since she was 18.

“I went on a holiday and when I looked back at the pictures it really hit me as to how flat-chested I was. I felt very self-conscious when I was wearing a bikini and I was always reluctant to lie down on a sun lounger as it made my breasts look even smaller!

"I wanted to have a breast enlargement because I felt that it would make me feel more womanly. I have quite a petite frame – I’m a size 6 and 5’ 5” – and I felt that having larger breasts would make me look more shapely.

"I spent a long time considering cosmetic surgery, and when a friend had a breast enlargement procedure and looked fantastic I knew it was the right choice for me too.”

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Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

Joanne, aged 28, from Staffordshire, was always happy with her figure. But when she was 20 she gave birth to her son and put on four stone, and despite exercising to lose weight, she was left with a lot of loose skin around her tummy area.

“All of my friends would go out wearing figure-hugging outfits, but I couldn’t do that as I was so self-conscious about my tummy. I would wear baggy clothes, sometimes much bigger that my actual size to cover myself up.”

Joanne was so self-conscious about her body that she felt too embarrassed to even undress in front of her boyfriend: “I was very down about how my body looked, I had no confidence whatsoever. I tried to make a joke out of it, calling it my ‘jelly belly’, but it still really hurt inside when I looked at myself in the mirror.”

Her boyfriend wasn’t worried about Joanne’s ‘jelly belly’ and proposed to her in 2007: “I was absolutely delighted and decided this would be my chance to have cosmetic surgery and get rid of my stomach for good – as I wanted to look fabulous in my wedding dress.”

Joanne began to research abdominoplasty and visited her GP, who told her that the procedure wouldn’t be available to her on the NHS. Undeterred, Joanne looked into private operations and following researching on the internet, came across Mrs CC Kat, a Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon at Spire Parkway hospital and booked a consultation.

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58 year old Franceska Harrison is smiling for the first time in years after successful cosmetic procedures at Spire Methley Park Hospital have helped to reverse the ageing process, boosting her confidence and giving her back her sense of identity.

As Franceska reached her milestone 50th birthday, her furrowed forehead, droopy eyelids and saggy jaw and neck made her feel and look more than her fifty years. Heavy smoking and regular sun beds had taken their toll, contributing to a loss of skin elasticity and deepening the frown lines and wrinkles around her mouth. Her face shape had also changed, leaving her with a permanently sad countenance.

Franceska explains: “I looked constantly fretful, which is completely at odds with how I was feeling. I felt like my sense of identity was being betrayed by my face, as our face is often the window through which others see and come to know us.”

After researching cosmetic procedures and attending an open evening at Spire Methley Park Hospital, Franceska met her consultant plastic surgeon. Instantly reassured by his honesty and amenability, Franceska went under the knife.

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Weight Loss Surgery


Gastric Bypass

When Wendy Gorton, 45, reached almost 20 stone she felt her weight was getting out of hand and she was just getting bigger and bigger. “I did all the diets but I’d get complacent and then all the weight would come back on. I was getting fed up as I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life yo-yo dieting. I think life’s too short for that.”

Wendy also had a bad back which was affecting her job as a nursing assistant and her weight was affecting her lifestyle too. “I was unhappy with how I looked and always covered up when I’d go out, which wasn’t very often,” Wendy says. “I was sad as I felt like I was this big fat thing that was just getting fatter and fatter.”

As a result Wendy looked into weight loss surgery as a more permanent tool to help her lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Wendy says, “I did a lot of research beforehand on weight loss surgery.  I looked at a lot of different websites and hospitals, and I chose Spire Manchester because it was near to me and I knew the bariatric surgeon, Mr Ammori.”

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Gastric Sleeve

Sam has lost almost 7 stone since she had her sleeve gastrectomy in July 2011. Before then she’d been yo-yo dieting for years and was coming up to her 40th birthday weighing over 17 stones. “I was going on cruise with friends and I didn’t want to be fat and 40. I wanted to be fit and 40,” says Sam.

Sam knew someone who’d lost ten stone with a gastric band and thought weight loss surgery might be the option for her. It also appealed to her because it was a long term solution and not a quick fix.

She called Spire Harpenden Hospital and initially met with the dietitian there to talk through the various options for weight loss surgery. Sam then met Mr Whitelaw, a bariatric consultant at the hospital. Sam says, “After I met Mr Whitelaw I felt confident I was doing right thing because he knew what he was doing.  He took care of me and was with me every step of the way.”

On the day of her operation Sam felt a bit nervous but the hospital staff put her at ease. After two days in hospital Sam was able to go home where she spent two weeks recovering before going back to work.

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Gastric Band

In 2009 Helen Senter, from Camberley in Surrey, had a shock when her best friend told her that she was too big and needed to do something about her weight to ensure she was around for her children.

Helen had also been thinking about her weight, and at over 19 stone and a size 26 it was making Helen unhappy. “I wasn’t comfortable as I was and I realised that I couldn’t carry on like that. I’d tried diets in the past and I’d lose two stone but ended up putting three stone back on. In the end I stopped dieting as I’d end up heavier than I was when I started.”

“When my best friend said I had to do something about my weight I knew something had to change as my eating habits had got out of hand.”

Having got herself stuck in a rut, Helen started researching weight loss surgery. She’d heard about gastric band surgery in the media and she thought it might help her lose weight, and keep the weight off.

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