Personalised Knee Replacement

Orthopaedic Surgeons at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, perform Knee Replacement surgery using the Signature™ system at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital.

During a knee replacement, the damaged or worn parts of the thigh and shin bones, which form the knee joint, are replaced with metal and plastic parts that glide over each other smoothly.

Personalised Total Knee Replacement Surgery
You are unique and so is your individual anatomy, so Spire (and Biomet) can offer Signature™ Personalised Patient Alignment Guides. This is pioneering surgery using the latest technology to provide patients with personalised surgical alignment guides for their Total Knee Replacement

Signature™ utilises MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology to create personalised positioning guides for total knee replacement. The MRI is used to generate a computerised three-dimensional joint reconstruction, which enables the surgeon to preoperatively plan your knee replacement using Signature™ computer software.

Before Surgery
Your preoperative experience will be like that of most total knee patients except that an MRI will be required. You can expect the MRI scan to take approximately 20 minutes. The scan will only be performed on your hip, knee and ankle. The advantage of using MRI is that, it can be used to create a detailed three-dimensional image of your unique anatomy that enables the surgeon to preoperatively plan your knee replacement.

Fig 1.
Femoral alignment guide
Fig 2.
Tibial alignment guide

During Surgery

During the knee replacement procedure, an assortment of instruments are used to verify component sizing establish proper positioning and remove bone and cartilage. Traditional total knee replacement sometimes uses instruments placed inside the thighbone and/or shinbone to assist with implant alignment and positioning.

With the MRI and Signature™ personalised positioning guides, surgeons have access to a greater level of detail and precision for implant position and alignment before the procedure. This allows for personalised implant positioning. Signature™ personalised positioning guides are placed directly onto your thighbone and shinbone, and therefore do not require instrumentation of the bone canal, allowing for a potentially less invasive procedure and a reduced number of instruments used during surgery.

This information is not intended to replace the experience and counsel of your orthopaedic surgeon. If you have any further questions, please speak with your orthopaedic surgeon, if you have further questions (insert contact information). For further information on Signature, please visit

For more information on Signature™ Knee, please contact us on 01223 266929 or complete our online enquiry form

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