Facet joint injections

Joint pain treatment is available at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital.  The private service allows patients to speak to a Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital consultant and receive advice about joint pain treatment, as well as having it performed at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital. Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital also now offers CT guided Facet joint injections.

What's involved?

The facet joints link together the bones in the back. They help to stabilise the spine and control the degree of movement. With age, they are prone to injury and deterioration and are a common cause of lower back pain, especially the type that is worse while sitting and improved by walking.

During a facet joint injection, a steroid medicine (which reduces inflammation) or a combination of a steroid and a local anaesthetic is injected into the joint. This can help to treat the pain, inflammation and any restriction of movement caused by the deterioration.

Facet joint injections are usually performed as an out-patient or day-case procedure.

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CT guided Facet joint injections are offered by the following consultants at Spire Cambridge Hospital:

Dr Phillip Bearcroft
Dr Anastasia Fotiadou


Further information on CT guided Facet Joint Injections

This image demonstrates a left sided facet joint injection at the L4-5 level in a female patient with significant degeneration.

This image demonstrates a left sided facet joint injection at the L4-5 level in a male patient.

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