Epididymal cysts removal

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospitals Consultant Ophthalmologists and Cosmetic Surgeons offer Eyelid cyst removal treatment in a clean and safe private hospital environment. Our patients come to us from Cambridge, Essex, Peterborough, Bedford and surrounding areas.

What's involved?

Epididymal cysts are swellings containing clear fluid that occur in the epididymis (the sperm-collecting tubes around the top of men’s testicles). The cysts can be surgically removed if they are causing pain.  Spermatoceles, which are small cysts, possibly formed from blocked sperm ducts, are treated in the same way.

During epididymal cyst surgery, a small incision is made in the scrotum over the cyst. The cyst is separated from the tissue that surrounds it and removed. The epididymis and the skin incision are sewn up using dissolvable stitches.

The operation usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes and is routinely carried out as a day-case, with no overnight stay in hospital. 

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