ClariVein - A new minimally invasive treatment for Varicose Veins

December 2010

ClariVein is the latest minimally invasive technique for the treatment of varicose veins and is now available at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital. This technique is even less invasive than the laser and VNUS Closure techniques requiring much less local anaesthetic infiltration.

All the minimally invasive techniques work by destroying the intima – the inner lining of the vein. When the intima is destroyed, the vein seals off and turns into fibrous tissue which is gradually removed by the body.

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital is pleased to be the first hospital to offer this new treatment in the East of England.

Mr Gaunt, Mr Hayes and Mr Varty use the laser technique using laser energy to destroy the intima while VNUS uses radiofrequency energy.

ClariVein uses a combination of mechanical disruption of the intima and chemical injury using sclerosant solution. The combination of these two methods is a very efficient and painless way of sealing the vein

What is involved in the technique of ClariVein?

The ClariVein technique is performed with the patient awake under local anaesthetic. The leg is prepped and draped. The vein is identified at the knee level and a small amount of local is infiltrated and the ClariVein catheter is inserted into the vein under ultrasound control. The tip is positioned at the top of the vein at the level of the groin. The device is activated and the tip rotates agitating the inner lining of the vein. At the same time sclerosant solution is infused through the end of the catheter as the catheter is slowly withdrawn down the vein. The combination of the rotating tip and the sclerosant causes the vein to seal.

What will I feel during the procedure?

There will be a needle prick as the local anaesthetic is infiltrated at the start of the procedure. When the catheter tip starts to rotate patients describe a vibration or tickling type of sensation. Sometimes the tip of the catheter may catch of the wall of the vein causing mild discomfort. At this stage your consultant will reposition the catheter away from that area and resume the procedure.

What are the advantages of ClariVein?

The is significantly less discomfort during the procedure than other minimally invasive techniques and the technique requires requires considerably less volume of local anaesthetic to be infiltrated. ClariVein avoids the use of thermal energy to seal the vein so there is less chance of injury to adjacent sensory nerves. Initial reports suggest less post-operative discomfort over the treated vein. ClariVein is done as an Outpatient procedure so you can go home the same day.

Before and after pictures


Before treatment One week after treatment Six weeks after treatment

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