Mr Rodney Laing

Consultant Neurosurgeon

The following are stories of patients who have benefitted from surgery with Mr Rodney Laing at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

David Wright
"My advice to anyone in pain is this: don’t let the fear stop you from living – if nothing else, go to Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital and see a consultant – really, what have you got to lose?" Click here to read David's story

Helen Simms
“I kept waiting for the pain to come back, but it had gone. It was like a weight had been lifted and I can’t express how grateful I was to have it done”. Click here to read Helen's story

Carol Cumming
"I found his kindness and time spent in explaining what the operation involved most reassuring" Click here to read Carol's story

David JW Bailey
"Four months later, David is enjoying life to the full, has started an already successful and fast-growing accountancy and advisory business, is regularly walking 20 miles or more, and, if asked, would say that he is 99.5% free of pain and symptoms." Click here to read David's story

Peter Shenton
"All in all, the care I received couldn’t have been better - better than any other hospital stay I’ve had, despite this one being the most serious." Click here to read Peter's story

Mr Laing has over 18 years experience of treating patients with Spinal conditions, both within the NHS and privately at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital.

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