Mr Rodney Laing

Consultant Neurosurgeon

The Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital treats over 45,000 patients a year and is the regions premium private hospital. The hospital has 68 beds, five theatres  a dedicated endoscopy suite, full imaging capabilities with MRI, CT, Dexa, X-ray and Ultrasound, two treatment rooms 22 consulting rooms and a full equipped state of the art physiotherapy facility with Alter G treadmill, pilates reformer and isolkinetics all to support the rehabilitation when recovering from spinal surgery. The hospital provides a comfortable environment including patient gardens and ease of access with ample free car parking. The hospital is dedicated to the highest standards of cleanliness, clinical care and excellent patient satisfaction.

Our patients choose to be treated in our hospital because they are confident in our medical expertise, levels of hygiene and the comfort and care they receive. Full capability in theatres to treat from the minor to complex Neurosurgery cases including the latest techniques in minimally invasive spinal surgery

  • High dependency unit facilities
  • Exceptionally low surgical site (wound) infection rates
  • Ensuite bedrooms
  • Diagnostic imaging on site

Our Commitment to Clinical Standards

At Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital we consider a clean environment to be the foundation upon which we deliver safe and effective clinical care. We are committed to achieving consistently high standards of hospital cleanliness and take a leading position among healthcare providers by sharing with you our clinical performance figures.

Clinical Outcomes 

We pride ourselves on the continual improvement of our hospital to provide  a clean environment to  reduce the risk of infection and ensure our best clinical performance. These are examples of some of the measures that we introduced to minimise the risk of infection.

  • All clinical staff receive annual training which includes hand hygiene.We regularly measure their performance against our clinical standards
  • We employ an infection control lead nurse to help ensure that we adhere to policies for the prevention and control of infection, supported by a specialist at national level.
  • All our bedrooms are single en-suite rooms.
  • We employ our own team of housekeepers to ensure that wards, corridors and surfaces are regularly and thoroughly cleaned.
  • We screen all patients who are at risk from MRSA before admission, so we can take appropriate measures to minimise the risk of cross infection.
  • We use operating theatres with laminar air flow, an air filter system, for all major operations to minimise the risk of infection in theatre.

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At Progress Physiotherapy you can expect

  • Convenient appointment times to suit your needs
  • Quick assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • Treatment without the need for a GP referral if you are not claiming from your insurer
  • Treatment whether you are insured or not
  • Analysis of recurring injuries
  • Practical advice on the continuation of training
  • A comprehensive recovery programme
  • Gym-orientated rehabilitation, guidance and planning
  • Isokinetics – functional movement analysis

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