Mr Rodney Laing

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Is spinal surgery dangerous?

All surgery carries risks, and there are specific risks associated with spinal operations but for most common spinal procedures these risks are very small and only rarely encountered.

Do spinal operations make people better?

Successful surgery cannot be guaranteed. However, provided there is a clear diagnosis and there is a structural problem accounting for your symptoms, then surgery gives you a very good chance of an improvement or resolution of your symptoms.

Will my GP be aware of the treatments available

Not all GP’s are familiar with the scope of modern spinal surgery and what can be achieved. However, we are working closely with our gp community to ensure that patients are referred when appropriate

Do operations for back pain work?

Not everyone is suitable for surgery. If your back pain is caused by a structural abnormality then surgery may be helpful for you.  However, there are lots of patients with back pain who do not have any significant structural abnormality.  In this situation symptoms may be best treated with physical therapies and rehabilitation.

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