Stroke Prevention Centre at Spire Bushey Hospital

The lead consultants for the Stroke Prevention Centre are Dr James Rakshi, Consultant Neurologist, and Mr David Greenstein, Consultant Vascular Surgeon.

The New Stroke Prevention Centre

The best way to prevent a stroke is by identifying, managing and controlling known risk factors

We have developed a new Stroke Service which incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to stroke prevention. The service involves different medical and surgical experts including a consultant neurologist, consultant cardiologist, consultant vascular surgeon and consultant neuroradiologist who have particular experience in stroke assessment and management. Patients are assessed by a consultant neurologist and where appropriate by a consultant cardiologist and or vascular surgeon on the same day. All investigations are carried out on the day and reported on so that a recommendation on management or treatment can be made.

Who might benefit from this service?

  • Patients with a previous history of Stroke with new symptoms
  • Patients with neurological symptoms of possible previous Stroke
  • Individuals with risk factors for Stroke
  • Those with a family history of Stroke
  • Individuals wanting comprehensive assessment for Stroke 

Most “Heart Attacks” occur when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to the heart, similarly a “Brain Attack” or Stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to the brain. Optimal stroke prevention and treatment can now have a major impact on preventing a stroke or a further stroke and on the degree of neurological impairment caused by a stroke. 

A simple quick test has been developed by the Stroke Association to give everybody the ability to recognise the possibility of stroke.

Simple test for recognising a Stroke - FAST test from The Stroke Association

Three simple checks can help you recognise whether someone has had a stroke or mini-stroke (transient ischaemic attack – TIA)

F – Facial weakness: Can the person smile? Has the eye or the mouth drooped?

A – Arm weakness: Can the person raise both arms?

S - Speech problems: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say?

T – Time to call 999

If you see any of these signs, call 999 immediately.

How can we prevent Strokes occurring?

The best way to prevent a stroke is by identifying, managing and controlling known risk factors. This involves identifying individuals who are at greatest risk and minimising that risk. Some patients who have had a stroke are at greater risk of having a further stroke than other stroke patients.

For more information or to make an appointment please call 020 8901 5505.

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