Visionaire™ patient-specific knee replacement surgery

In normal knee replacement surgery, the ends of the bones that make up the joint are carefully fashioned so that a prosthesis can be inserted. The way the bone is cut, is determined from the alignment with the thigh & shin bone (femur & tibia). Traditionally this alignment is referenced from a long rod that is temporarily placed down the inside of the bone. Although this procedure is generally considered safe, it is invasive and causes disruption to the bone marrow and bleeding. With the Visionaire™ method, an MRI scan and x-rays are used to produce a computerised 3D model of the knee. The beauty of this procedure is that all the planning of the operation takes place before surgery on a virtual model, reducing the actual operating time. A custom-made plastic template is then produced that precisely fits the contours of the knee like a made-to-measure mask. The bone cuts are then made without any need to invade the bone marrow.

This may reduce the amount of postoperative pain and allow more rapid rehabilitation. Other benefits include reduced blood loss, swelling and length of stay.

The increased accuracy should also increase how long the knee replacement lasts.

Mr Tim Waters is delighted to discuss whether this operation would be suitable for you.

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Visionaire™ knee replacement surgery

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