POSE - New incisionless weight loss surgery at Spire Bushey Hospital

December 2010

Bariatric surgeons at Spire Bushey Hospital are poised to become one of the first teams in Europe to offer a new incisionless weight loss procedure that decreases the capacity of a patient's stomach, helping patients to feel less hunger and full more quickly upon eating. Private patients who meet set criteria are being invited by surgeons to visit www.endobesity.co.uk for more information on this new technology dubbed POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery, Endolumenal).

POSE is the first incisionless surgery for obesity to be offered in the UK and the London centre is being launched at Spire Bushey Hospital, with eminent bariatric surgeon Mr. Pratik Sufi. With this new private procedure available to patients with a BMI of 28-40 this may widen the availability of bariatric surgery options to those patients who do not meet NHS requirements and who may have struggled with controlling their weight through diet, medication and exercise.

While surgeons have performed many different kinds of operations to help patients lose weight, this is the first procedure of its kind to be done without having to cut into the abdomen to reduce the capacity of the stomach. A small flexible endoscope and special surgical tools go into the body via the mouth and multiple tissue folds are then created in the stomach to reduce its capacity. These folds in the stomach reduce the amount of food it can hold, so people should feel fuller faster during meals and eat less.

Surgeon Mr. Pratik Sufi said: “Obesity can lead to the development of many diseases like type II diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea. It is my view that POSE is currently the most exciting and innovative available solution for the treatment of obesity and it may be ideal for patients who have tried to lose weight without long-term success and are keen to try something new. This procedure can be offered to people at an earlier stage before major diseases develop as a consequence of morbid obesity. I believe the procedure will open up possibilities of a better life for many patients and we’re proud to be offering it at Spire Bushey.”

Adam Power, of Elemental Healthcare, the company behind the introduction of this procedure to the UK, said: “The tools that make up the IOP (Incisionless Operating Platform) received the CE Mark in March of this year for launch in Europe. We take pride in bringing this leading and forward thinking technology to the UK and are confident that we will see successful results at Spire Bushey Hospital. Patients will see for themselves that a Friday surgery can mean they are back at work come Monday morning.” The UK is the third most obese nation by percentage of the population with an estimated 23% of the U.K population obese . Statistics for London reveal that more than half of the adult population in the capital are either overweight or obese . Several serious diseases and conditions are commonly associated with obesity, including Type II diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea and cardiovascular disease. Surgical treatment of obesity has increased significantly in recent years.


Read more about POSE weight loss surgery here.

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