UK’s first stand alone dedicated cancer centre opens in London

January 2011

Thursday, 18th November 2010 saw the official opening of Elstree Cancer Centre - the UK’s first stand alone, integrated cancer service offering a specialist treatment centre outside of a hospital environment.

CancerPartners UK (CPUK)* and Spire Bushey Hospital have joined forces to create a single site integrated private cancer service. Over 50% of patients undergoing cancer treatment will require both chemotherapy and radiotherapy and Elstree Cancer Centre offers patients state-of-the-art treatment options.

The Elstree Cancer Centre delivers a very specialised team of experts who are able to treat patients with world class technology in an environment that is both comfortable and totally patient-centred but out of a hospital environment. 

The teams at the Elstree Cancer Centre have a patient centred approach and ensure all patients are receive a tailored treatment plan. Patients have access to a full range of support and services that can make a difference both emotionally and physically and therefore, enables patients to plan their work and home lives around their treatment so they feel that they are actually in control. The team at the Elstree Cancer Care helps cancer sufferers lead a ‘normal’ life while undergoing treatment in a welcoming environment outside of a hospital setting.

Rupert Cockcroft, CEO of Cancer Partners UK says: “Cancer Partners UK is working in partnership with Spire Healthcare to deliver a network of cancer facilities that will dramatically improve the overall quality and availability of cancer services across the UK.   Elstree Cancer Centre offers world class technology combined with a highly trained local medical team that puts the patient at the heart of the treatment plan.”

Both radical and palliative treatment regimes are available and state-of-the-art technology operated by CancerPartners UK is installed. Treatment includes Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) which uses sophisticated software so that the dose delivered is sculpted in all three dimensions to the shape of the tumour. This reduces the dose delivered to surrounding healthy tissue and in some cases allows for the delivery of higher doses to the tumour. Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) is where 3D or 2D images are taken prior to each radiation treatment then images are compared to the CT scan and patient’s positions are adjusted before delivery of the radiation does. IGRT therefore ensures that the radiation targets exactly the right location and this means the tumour receives the full dose and healthy tissue receives as low does as possible.

The chemotherapy suite is run by a specialised chemotherapy team from Spire Bushey Hospital who have access to some of the latest innovations in chemotherapy treatment for a wide range of cancers from the most common such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer to rarer secondary forms of cancer such as lung and pancreatic cancer. 

Elstree Care Centre doesn’t feel like a hospital environment as it has been beautifully designed offering a warm and welcoming environment away from a hospital and a dedicated local team of specialised medical staff who are constant throughout the treatment process which makes a positive difference to a patient’s treatment journey. Patients are very complimentary about the centre itself and many have likened it to a spa environment. 

*CancerPartners UK (CPUK) is an independent organisation set up by a group of cancer experts and healthcare managers to dramatically improve quality and availability of cancer services across the UK, especially in radiotherapy. Many of its staff have worked or still work in the NHS, and believe in the principle and the future of the NHS in the UK as an equitable way deliver effective cancer treatments.

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