Pure-polyurethane coated breast implants

One of the main considerations in breast implant surgery is the choice of implant. It is important that you are aware of the different types of implants that are available with an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Mr Chana offers a full explanation of the different implants available so that you can make a fully informed decision about your breast implant surgery.

Mr Chana is now offering patients at Spire Bushey Hospital the option to have the latest Pure-polyurethane coated breast implants, sometimes referred to as “furry brazilian” implants, named after the country where they are manufactured and have been used for over 30 years.

What are polyurethane coated implants?
These latest implants are silicone implants containing a cohesive gel but the outside of the implant is coated with a polyurethane foam. This coating has been found in the latest studies to reduce the re-operation rates following surgery.

What are the advantages of polyurethane coated implants?
The most common causes of re-operation in breast augmentation surgery are capsular contracture and displacement (moving) or rotation of the implant.

Capsular contracture
Capsular contracture is a recognised complication of breast augmentation surgery. When implants are placed inside the breast, the body produces a natural membrane which surrounds the implant. In most cases you can’t see or feel this, but in some patients the membrane contracts like shrink wrap and compresses the breast, causing pain and distortion of the implant. If this happens, further surgery is needed to remove the implant, together with the membrane “pocket” and replace with a new implant. In current implants available today, the rate of capsular contracture has generally been thought to be around 10% (so one in ten patients were thought to develop it.) Recent studies, however, have shown this rate to be higher. In fact studies by one of the largest manufacturers of breast implants in the US has shown capsular contracture rates of 15% at 7 years.

The Pure-polyurethane implants are coated with a 1mm “furry” polyurethane coating which changes the way the body produces the membrane surrounding the implant. This in turn dramatically reduces the body’s reaction to the membrane and so significantly lowers the rate of capsular contracture to around 1-3% over 15years.

Displacement or rotation of implants
The second major advantage of Pure-polyurethane coated implants is that they do not move once put in place during surgery. This means there is a reduced risk of rotation or displacement of the implants. This is very important for patients choosing teardrop implants and these implants provide a real alternative for patients wanting a more natural look. The manufacturer guarantees implants free from capsular contracture, displacement and rotation for 10 years following surgery.

Do these implants feel natural?
Although these implants will take slightly longer than other implants to soften, typically 3-6 months, it has been reported in various articles that they feel “warmer” and more like real breasts than other implants.

Size and shape of poly-urethane coated implants
These implants are available in an extensive range of different shapes and projection. The implants are available in round, teardrop, conical, oval and anatomical shapes. Each shape is available in different sizes and projections. This means that the implant can be tailored to your individual wishes and yet be matched to your existing chest shape to provide the best possible results. Mr Chana will discuss your individual wishes and advise the most appropriate style for your desired effect.

Please click here for further information regarding the Pure-polyurethane implants in an article by leading Australian Plastic Surgeon Dr Daniel Fleming who uses these implants exclusively for his patients.

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Pure-polyurethane coated implants are offered by Plastic Surgeon Mr Jag Chana

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