Prostate Screening Clinic

At Spire Bristol Hospital we have a dedicated prostate clinic for men who are worried about prostate disease. The Prostate Screening Clinic offers fast access to diagnostics tests with same day results.

Weekly prostate screening clinic available by calling 0117 980 4070

The Prostate Screening Clinic is available every Monday and Friday afternoon, and is accessible with a GP referral letter.

The clinic consists of:

  • PSA Test: A PSA test is a blood test that measures the level of PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen - in a man's blood. PSA is a protein made by the prostate which naturally leaks into the blood stream. After testing, if a man's levels of PSA are said to be 'raised', it could be a sign that he has prostate cancer. However, a raised PSA level can also indicate that another, non-cancerous, prostate condition exists. Following a raised PSA test result, the only way to definitely determine whether prostate cancer exists is through a biopsy.
  • Urine Flow Test: A urine flow test evaluates the speed of urination and the total time of urination. During a urine flow test, a patient urinates into a uroflowmeter, a funnel-shaped device that reads, measures and computes the rate and amount of urine flow.

The Prostate Screening Clinic can be booked by calling our Bookings Team on 0117 980 4070. 

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