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Enjoy the festive spirit – but listen to your body!

17th December 2009

Christmas Day will soon be upon us and the party season has already been in full swing for some time.

Meeting up with family and friends and attending Christmas parties provides many opportunities for us to relax and enjoy ourselves, but unfortunately it seems to be ingrained in the British culture for some people to go too far and “overindulge” in the festive spirit.

The detrimental effects to the Nation’s  health caused by binge drinking have been well documented, but what is of equal concern is the dangerous situations people sometimes put themselves in when they’ve consumed too much alcohol. 

Many of us will have joked that we’ve had a drink “for Dutch courage” for one reason or another, and you’ll often hear people say their bodies seem to know when they’ve had enough alcohol and they switch to soft drinks instead.

Sadly some people will not drink responsibly this Christmas and this may lead to dangerous and risky behaviour, which could  end in serious injury or worse.

Wherever you are this Christmas, have a wonderful time but  remember to take care when drinking and try to listen when your body tells you you’ve had enough alcohol.

Keep an eye on elderly or single neighbours

17th December 2009

Christmas is a time when traditionally, family and friends come together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.

But while we are busy pulling crackers, tucking into our turkey and laughing at the corny cracker jokes, many people living alone will view the festive period as one of the loneliest in the year.

Worse still, if that person is elderly, they could be at serious risk of hypothermia during this cold spell. Last year there were an increased number of deaths of elderly people due to hypothermia, and as a result the Government has reacted to by making more support available for things like heating and insulation.

So, if you have elderly neighbours, or know someone who is on their own this Christmas, why not pay them a friendly visit and make sure they’re okay?

I’m sure they’ll really appreciate it.

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