Lifescan Screening at Spire Bristol Hospital

We all think about our health from time to time and many of us know we should do more to look after ourselves - exercise more, drink less alcohol and try to eat healthily. We may even consider having a health check but then put it off for one reason or another. The problem is, when it comes to having a health check - sooner rather than later could be a life-changing decision.

Early diagnosis is important - so get checked today. We want to help keep you healthy for longer.

Lifescan has pioneered a range of health checks in the UK, including the use of CT scans and specialist blood tests.

A Lifescan health check aims to help diagnose the early signs of heart disease, lung cancer, colon cancer and other illnesses before you experience any symptoms.

If you're over 45 - shouldn't you consider this quick and effective way of checking your health?

For information about the Lifescan health checks available at Spire Bristol Hospital please visit theLifescan website or call one of their Patient Advisors now on 0800 180 8029.

Would a Lifescan health check be right for you?

• Are you aged over 45?
• Has anyone in your family suffered from heart disease (heart attack, angina or stroke)?
• Is there a history of cancer, particularly lung cancer or colon cancer in your family?
• Do you eat a diet that is high in fat, calories or low in fibre?
• Do you find yourself feeling stressed at points during the day?
• Do you think you drink more than the recommended weekly levels of alcohol?
• Are you overweight?
• Do you have high blood pressure?
• Have you been diagnosed with diabetes?
• Do you have a sedentary lifestyle?
• Do you currently smoke, or have you ever smoked?

If you answer YES to any of the questions above, you may benefit from one of Lifescan’shealth checks.

Before any booking can be confirmed Lifescan will need to ensure you are eligible for any aspect of the appointment against their clinical referral criteria. There are benefits and risks associated with the use of CT scans for medical investigations. Lifescan provides full information to all patients about CT scans and X-ray exposure. Lifescan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spire Healthcare. Lifescan is registered as a provider of diagnostic and screening services with the Care Quality Commission and fully complies with the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations 2000 (and subsequent amendments).

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