Clinic for face pain caused by toothache, sinusitus, neuralgia

There are a number of different types of facial pain; common causes include toothache and sinusitis. Facial pain may also originate from cranial nerves (nerves responsible for various functions, including speech, hearing, taste, facial sensation and expression) or it may occur without a detectable source. A small minority of people suffer from severe and persistent facial pain, but the conditions causing it can be difficult to diagnose due to the similarity of symptoms for different conditions.

The Spire Bristol Hospital Face Pain Clinic offers a comprehensive service from a team of specialists

Trigeminal neuralgia (a condition that causes sudden intense pain in the face), the most common facial pain syndrome of cranial nerve origin, is characterised by quick episodes of jabbing or piercing pain. With varying awareness of the management of such conditions, people  may often see a variety of specialists before finding a remedy.

The use of appropriate medical or drug treatment can effectively control many types of face pain. For some people affected by conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia, where drug treatment proves ineffective, modern neurosurgical techniques often provide substantial relief from the pain and in many cases can be curative.

For others affected by conditions such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction, specialist dental attention can bring substantial benefit. Pain management, i.e. developing coping strategies and control over the pain is important for all people with chronic pain, and especially in the absence of any detectable source or response to therapy.

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The Spire Bristol Hospital Face Pain Clinic offers a comprehensive service from a team of specialists with high expertise in the most troublesome types of facial, cranial and oral pain. The team includes: neurosurgeon Mr Nik Patel; neurologist Dr David Cottrell; and oral physician Professor Stephen Prime. The members of the team combine with many years of experience in the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of patients with these conditions.

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The Face Pain Clinic is based at Spire Bristol Hospital, The Glen, allowing the added benefit of on-site modern CT and MRI scanning and other diagnostic services and operating theatres.

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