Our Commitment to Clinical Standards

At Spire Bristol Hospital we consider a clean environment to be the foundation upon which we deliver safe and effective clinical care. We are committed to achieving consistently high standards of hospital cleanliness and take a leading position among healthcare providers by sharing with you our clinical performance figures.

Clinical Outcomes

We are committed to ensuring our hospital is as clean as possible to reduce the risk of infection. These are some examples of how we minimise the risk of infection.

  • All clinical staff receive annual training in hand hygiene and we regularly measure their performance against the high standards we set.
  • We employ an infection control lead nurse to help ensure that we adhere to policies for the prevention and control of infection, supported by a specialist at national level.
  • All our bedrooms are single en-suite rooms.
  • We employ our own team of housekeepers to ensure that wards, corridors and surfaces are regularly and thoroughly cleaned.
  • We screen all patients who are at risk from MRSA before admission, so we can take appropriate measures to minimise the risk of cross infection.
  • We use operating theatres with laminar air flow, an air filter system, for all major operations to minimise the risk of infection in theatre.