Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to prepare for a HyCoSy?

On the first day of your period, telephone Claire Turner on 01634 662 883 or email her on to book your test. Please ring on the following Monday if this falls on a weekend. The test will usually be done 2 - 3 weeks after your period starts, but if there is a shortage of appointments, you may be asked to ring back when your next period starts.

Once you have an appointment date, it is very important that you do not have unprotected sexual intercourse until after your test.

You may eat and drink normally before and after your appointment. As already mentioned you may have a slight vaginal bleed after the test, and you may want to bring a panty-liner or sanitary towel with you to the appointment.

Asking for consent

We want to involve you in all the decisions about your care and treatment. If you decide to go ahead you will be asked to sign a consent form. This confirms that you agree to have the procedure and understand what it involves.

Who will be carrying out your test?

Mr S Sadoon, consultant Gynaecologist and infertility specialist, will be performing the test for you.

What happens during the HyCoSy test?

Mr S Sadoon will:

  1. Ask you to lie down (the first part of the test is very similar to a smear test).
  2. Gently insert a spectrum into your vagina ( a spectrum is a plastic device to allow us to see the neck of your womb)
  3. Slowly insert a narrow plastic tube (catheter) through the neck of your womb (cervix)
  4. Pass a small amount of water through the catheter to show up the lining and cavity of your uterus. He will then carry out an internal ultrasound scan of the uterus.
  5. He will then carry out an internal ultrasound scan of the fallopian tubes. At the end of the test we can usually let you know the findings.

 What do I need to do after I go home?

You can go home immediately after the test. You can carry out normal daily activities, and continue having sexual intercourse as normal. You can resume having unprotected sex if you choose.

How much will it cost?

The HyCoSy/SIS will cost £400, which is inclusive of the hospital and Mr Sadoons fee.  


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