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Spire Pathology Services

Spire Pathology Services

Spire Pathology Services has one of the UK's largest networks of independent pathology laboratories in the UK. We perform in excess of 1.5 million tests a year for the hospitals within the Spire Healthcare group as well as external customers including the independent and NHS sectors.


Our truly integrated network is supported by excellent logistics and full electronic connectivity, which allows us to deliver cost-effective services of the highest quality to our customers.

We offer an extensive range of tests across all clinical and cellular pathology disciplines. Our laboratories are supported by consultant pathologists, who provide expert advice driving quality and improving patient care.


Spire Pathology Services understand that clinicians need accurate, reliable test results delivered as quickly as possible. However we are fully aware that as budgets are squeezed and the demand for pathology services continues to grow, cost will become an increasingly important factor. We are confident we can provide the high quality, efficient and affordable services that practitioners demand today.

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