Exercise Therapy

Physiotherapists realise the key to a successful recovery is not only reducing pain, improving movement or accelerating healing, but it is also important to regain muscle strength, joint awareness and balance skills; all these features of the human body we take for granted, are often affected by injury or pain.

When our body is in pain, be it through injury or illness, it can change the way that our muscles behave. It often makes them weaker, tighter or de-conditioned. This is why after, for example a cold, it can take you a while to get back to your usual level of fitness.

Physiotherapists are trained to identify which muscles have been affected by your condition. As part of your treatment plan they may include specific exercises for you to undertake to help regain strength, flexibility and condition to the muscle and the joints it supports. As part of this, it is usual for your therapist to ask you to continue these exercises through your day. We all know that practice makes perfect and this also applies to the recovery of muscles and joints.