We understand that many people find joining a group of weight loss surgery patients provides valuable motivation and support, both before the operation and during the period of adjustment after surgery.

Our hospitals run support groups where people can get together to share their experiences. It can be useful to talk to people that have had the same operation so you can ask questions and see how they adjusted to life after weight loss surgery. 

Also, our groups are run by patients for patients. This means everyone involved has had weight loss surgey and cares about how other people are adapting to their new life.

Please find below the dates for the rest of 2015, and where the support groups are held.  All evenings run from 6.30pm - 8.30pm, apart from at Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral which are from 7-8pm. If you would like to come along one evening please contact the local Spire hospital.

Support group dates 2015

6 January Spire Manchester Hospital
3 February Spire Manchester Hospital
5 February
Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral
19 February Spire Fylde Coast Hospital
3 March Spire Manchester Hospital
2 April Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral
7 April Spire Manchester Hospital
23 April Spire Fylde Coast Hospital
5 May Spire Manchester Hospital
2 June Spire Manchester Hospital
11 June Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral
18 June Spire Fylde Coast Hospital
7 July Spire Manchester Hospital
4 August Spire Manchester Hospital
6 August Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral
20 August Spire Fylde Coast Hospital
1 September Spire Manchester Hospital
1 October Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral
6 October Spire Manchester Hospital
15 October Spire Fylde Coast Hospital
3 November Spire Manchester Hospital
1 December Spire Manchester Hospital
10 December Spire Fylde Coast Hospital
10 December Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral