Mrs Morgan's story: Gastric bypass surgery

"Back In July 2009, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Bart Decadt carried out a Gastric Bypass operation on me. I had been diabetic for some 27 years, had poor mobility and bad osteoarthritis in my spine and knee. I hardly went out of the house and I felt trapped which led to me suffering from depression. Following my weight loss surgery, I can now live a healthy lifestyle instead of a miserable existence.

I had dieted every way over the years but still weighed over 20 stone. My GP felt that the operation would be the only answer and he wrote a letter referring me for a gastric bypass. I was ELATED! I seemed to be in hospital very quickly and could hardly believe it had been done.

New life

Since my operation I have now lost over 5 stones, no longer suffer from diabetes, my arthritis has improved and I feel a completely NEW WOMAN!

Since I have lost weight I have felt fitter and more active and have visited both my granddaughters, one in Plymouth and one in London, and organised my husband's and my golden wedding anniversary celebration for 65 people - it was wonderful.

We are currently making plans to go to Gibraltar as our grandson's guests. He is in the Royal Navy and has recently returned from Afghanistan. It will be a life changing experience as I have been too big to fit in an aircraft seat for years.

Thank you so much everyone for giving my life back to me"