Duodenal switch

How does the procedure work?

Approximately 75% of the stomach is removed by a sleeve gastrectomy procedure. The bowel is then bypassed (biliopancreatic diversion) which means the body's ability to digest fat, and thus absorb calories in fat, is severely reduced. As the size of the stomach is reduced patients feel full sooner than usual, but the bypass part of the procedure also means weight can reduce even if eating more or less normally.

How much weight will I lose?

A duodenal switch can result in excess weight loss of 75% 12 years after surgery.

What are the risks and side effects specific to the duodenal switch?

Some patients have problems with very smelly stools and wind, some also suffer from diarrhoea which is often due to undigested fat in the large bowel. A low fat diet can help this. This procedure also affects the absorption of certain nutrients and patients will need to stick to a high protein diet for life as well as taking vitamin supplements to avoid malnutrition.

How long does it take to recover after surgery?

When you go home you will need to continue your post-op diet plan, specially put together by the dietitian, plenty of rest is also important but you will be encouraged to gradually build up levels of exercise. Most patients can return to work 2-3 weeks after surgery, but a little longer if you work in heavy manual labour.