Is this procedure for me?

Deciding whether to go ahead with a vasectomy reversal can be a difficult decision and the procedure may not be suitable for everyone.

Talking through the procedure with your consultant is important so you understand the risks and possible results to expect. Whatever your situation we can help give you the information to make an informed decision over whether the procedure is right for you.

Perhaps your circumstances have changed and now means you would like to start a family, either with a new partner or have more children with the same partner. We see patients with a variety of situations and also a wide age range.

If you have already had a vasectomy then having a vasectomy reversal is the obvious next step, although some couples may choose to try IVF treatment. This however is usually more expensive compared to having a vasectomy reversal procedure.

Some patients aren't necessarily aiming to have children but may be experiencing some pain following a vasectomy procedure. The reversal operation may help with this.

It is important to remember that success (pregnancy) is not guaranteed and even if the procedure is deemed successful the presence of sperm in your semen does not guarantee pregnancy.

In some cases it is only possible to re-join one of the tubes (vasa deferentia) but it may still be possible for couples to get pregnant. Occasionally it is necessary to join the vas tube directly to the tubes draining the testes (epididymo-vasostomy). 
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As with any surgery there are of course some risks, such as bleeding, swelling or infection. Your consultant will talk you through the possible risks on an individual basis.

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