About the vasectomy reversal procedure

During a vasectomy reversal operation the tubes that were cut during the vesectomy procedure that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis are re-joined.

The procedure is usually performed as a day case so patients can go home the same day, but in some cases patients may prefer to stay overnight. In order for patients to be completely still during the operation, vasectomy reversal procedures are done under a general anaesthetic.

The surgeon will make one small cut in the middle of the scrotum. Using an operating microscope the surgeon will pull the end of each tube through the incision and use dissovable stitches to repair them before placing them back inside the scrotum and stitching the skin.

The operation usually takes between one and two hours and is performed microsurgically (microsurgical anastamosis is the method recommended by the European Association of Urology). This technique requires specialist training but allows for more a accurate placement of finer stitches, and world-wide studies have shown that the best results are achieved with this micro-surgical technique.

Success rates vary from patient to patient depending on various factors such as when you had a vasectomy. Read more about success rates here.