What's included?

We provide support from your initial enquiry, throughout your treatment until  you are discharged by your Consultant. Georgie Collins our Cosmetic Nurse Advisor is with you every step of the way. Together you will talk about how you can achieve the look you are after and the type of procedure which may be right for you.

Appointments with Georgie are free of charge. If you wish to proceed to surgery, a full out-patient appointment with a consultant will be required. These are not included in the guide price quoted for the procedure.


Before surgery you will have a pre-assessment to check your suitability for surgery and detect any underlying problems.

If you go ahead with surgery the cost of the pre-assessment is included in your package price. If you decide not to proceed then you will be required to pay for your pre-assessment.

Your hospital stay

Your stay and care in hospital will be explained to you by Georgie and your consultant. How long you are likely to be in hospital is dependent on the procedure you have.

Discharge from hospital

You will be given instructions before you leave hospital about how to care for your wound, movement, personal hygiene and about any medicines or pain killers you are given. You will also be given contact details for the hospital should you feel unwell or have any concerns when you return home. If you do have any concerns at all please get in touch, either with Georgie, the consultant or the emergency contact at the hospital.

Follow up

Follow up appointments with the cosmetic surgeon are included in the price of your procedure. Appointments with Georgie are also free of charge and available anytime before or after your treatment. Georgie is a registered nurse and has many years of experience specialising in cosmetic treatments and surgery, she is on hand to help at any stage. The hospital is open 24 hours a day and even if Georgie is not available there will be a doctor/nurse for you to see or speak to should you need to. Out of hours please contact the main hospital reception on 023 8077 5544.

Our prices

When you first meet Georgie for your initial consultation she will explain the price of the procedure you want to have. To start with this will just be a guide price and the cost of your chosen cosmetic/plastic surgery procedure will be finally confirmed after your pre-assessment before you have surgery.