Mr Simon Crane practices as a voice therapist for Western Sussex Hospitals (the NHS trust for Chichester and Worthing Hospitals). He is the lead speech and language therapist for the joint Ear, Nose and Throat / Speech and Language Therapy (ENT/SLT) Voice Clinic at Crawley Hospital and is currently involved in developing a joint voice clinic clinic at St Richard's Hospital with our ENT consultants there.

Simon is the NHS clinical lead for dysfluency (stammering) for West Sussex (excluding Brighton and Hove). He runs support groups for people who stammer and in his practice he sees clients who have social communication problems, sometimes linked to language processing difficulties, often manifested as dysfluent speech.

Ha has undergone training as a Solution Focused therapist and is particularly interested in the psycho-emotional factors which have an impact on voice production. Voice and its connection with personal identity is a key interest for Simon who has a 20 year background in performance as an actor and singer with extensive credits in the UK and America in theatre, television, BBC Radio Drama and commercial voice over. He has worked as a voice/speaking coach with individuals and in business (for clients as diverse as the West Yorkshire Playhouse and Unilever).

He is a member of the Surrey and Sussex Comprehensive Local Research Network and currently is developing a proposal for research into links between emotional wellbeing and larygopharyngeal reflux.

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