Dizziness can affect many patients and not all dizziness is caused by issues with the ear. For those where the issue is caused by the ear, the condition is known as vertigo.

Dizziness and vertigo diagnosis and treatment at Spire Portsmouth Hospital   To treat vertigo effectively the true cause needs to be established

Not all dizziness is caused by issues with the ear.  However, if there is a sensation of movement or spinning it is known as vertigo and probably comes from the inner ear. Dizziness can also be caused by problems with the heart, joints, vision, brain, nervous system or blood, to name a few common causes.

The true cause of vertigo needs to be established, so that the patient can be given the appropriate treatment. The consultant will need detailed background information about their patient, and will perform a thorough examination often accompanied by a hearing test.

Occasionally the patient may need additional testing or investigations to determine the appropriate treatment.