Prominent ears cause some people a great deal of distress and embarrassment. Children may be teased at school and some adults feel very self-conscious.

Prominent ears can be corrected with surgery called pinnaplasty, or with an earFoldTM, a minimally invasive procedure with immediate results.

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The problem for someone with prominent ears usually occurs when one of the folds in the cartilage of the ear has not formed; so rather than turning in, the back of the ear sticks out.

Prominent ears can be corrected with an operation that stitches the cartilage of the ear to the head to hold the ear in place and pin it back. As with any surgery there are risks and because it is a cosmetic procedure this has to be considered carefully. The surgeon would discuss everything about the procedure before going ahead to make sure that the patient fully understands what is involved and what results to expect.

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