Nipple correction

Most women have naturally protruding nipples, but if one or both of your nipples are inverted, there is a straightforward operation that could help.

Inverted nipples usually develop during puberty and are a harmless medical condition. However, if it has happened more recently you should check with your GP that there is no underlying condition that needs treatment.

Correcting an inverted nipple is a relatively simple procedure and can often be done under local anaesthetic as a day procedure.

Helen had her nipple correction procedure at the Portsmouth Cosmetic Clinic and found the process “easy and smooth” - read Helen’s story.

What to expect

When you meet with your consultant you can discuss the changes you are hoping to achieve and consultant will explain the procedure and the results you can expect.

Nipple correction surgery can be performed under general anaesthetic, which means you will be asleep during the procedure or under local anaesthetic when the area will be numb but you will be awake.

Surgery for inverted nipple correction is a relatively simple procedure. Your surgeon will cut around your nipple to free it from the surrounding tissue and re-stitch it so that it protrudes.

After your surgery you will usually be able to go home later the same day, and can return to normal activities almost immediately. Scarring is usually minimal.

How can I find out more about nipple correction surgery?
  • Coming along to a free Spire Cosmetic Surgery open event or mini-consultation is a great way to find out more about nipple correction and other cosmetic procedures.
  • Call to speak to a cosmetic treatment adviser on 02392 456172
  • Alternatively you can send us an email at and we will be happy to 

Who will do my surgery?

At the Portsmouth Cosmetic Clinic you can choose the consultant you wish to be treated by. They will be the one that you see at your consultation appointments, they will carry out your surgery and they will provide your after-care with the support of a cosmetic nurse.

Will I be able to breastfeed after surgery?

Breastfeeding cannot be guaranteed after the procedure because the milk ducts will usually have been cut during surgery and will no longer be intact.


Nipple correction surgery typically costs from £2,639