A facelift is a rejuvenation procedure that is performed to restore your face and neck to a more youthful looking, but natural version, of themselves. For more information about facelifts for women, please click here.

As we get older, our skin gradually loses collagen and elasticity and begins to sag and droop and to form deep-set folds and wrinkles; a facelift can improve these problem areas.

A facelift lifts up the facial skin and underlying muscles, to give your face a tighter, smoother and younger appearance.

What to expect

There are several different techniques used by our consultants and treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual patient.

When you meet with your consultant you can discuss the changes you are hoping to achieve. Your consultant will explain the results you can expect from the surgery and will discuss the associated risks and alternatives to the procedure before you decide to go ahead.

Your face lift surgery will involve elevating and repositioning the skin and soft tissue of the face. During the procedure, cuts are made in front of the ear, extending up and forward along the hairline; underlying muscles are tightened and excess skin is trimmed, and the remaining skin is re-draped over its new foundations and sewn into position. Fat and tissue is redistributed and sometimes added to the face.

The procedure may be combined with liposuction to the jaw to improve the contour.

A face lift is performed under a general anaesthetic, so you will be asleep. The operation can last for several hours depending on the procedures chosen.

After your surgery you will need to stay in hospital for one or two nights. You will feel sore, bruised and puffy for a couple of weeks following the surgery, so do not be concerned when you first take the dressing off and see yourself in the mirror.

You will need to plan time off work so that you can recover at home and can usually return to work after two to three. It is important to wear a compression garment for as much as possible during the first six weeks after the surgery.

You will have a number of follow up appointments for dressings and check-ups and your final check-up with your consultant is usually two months after surgery, although further after-care appointments are available, at no extra charge, if required.

How can I find out more about face lift surgery?
  • Coming along to a free Spire Cosmetic Surgery open event or mini-consultation is a great way to find out more about Facial and other cosmetic procedure
  • Call to speak to a cosmetic treatment adviser on 02392 456172
  • Alternatively you can send us an email at info@spireportsmouth.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

Who will do my surgery?

At the Portsmouth Cosmetic clinic you can choose the consultant you wish to be treated by. They will be the one that you see at your consultation appointments, they will carry out your surgery and they will provide your after-care with the support of a cosmetic nurse.


Face lift surgery typically costs £6,892